The Candida Diet: An Overview

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If you want to get relief from your Candida symptoms, there are three key elements that you need to include in your treatment plan. Here is a brief summary of what you need to do, and there is much more detailed information for you to check out below.

The most important element in any Candida treatment plan is your diet. Switching to a low-sugar diet deprives the Candida of the food that it needs to grow and spread through your digestive system. You should also consider beginning your treatment with a cleanse, to clear out as many Candida toxins as possible and support your liver. As the diet progresses you can begin to reintroduce foods like beans and starchy vegetables.

The other elements are probiotics (to repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria) and antifungals (to attack the Candida cells more directly). The key to designing a good Candida treatment plan is to introduce these three elements in different stages. Starting them all at once can lead to something called Candida Die-Off.

Elements of the Candida Diet

What can you eat on the diet?

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