Candida Recipes: Drinks

Once you cut out the sugary soft drinks, the caffeinated beverages and the fruit juices, what’s left? This is a frequent question from people following the Candida diet.

Fortunately there are lots of recipes and healthy options for drinks. You should drink plenty of water during your treatment, but there are also various teas, coffee alternatives and juices that won’t make your Candida worse.

I’ve included a couple of my favorite smoothies in this section. There are also some antifungal teas, like turmeric tea and ginger tea, that will help to fight a Candida overgrowth. And of course there’s our sugar-free eggnog, which is a huge favorite through the holiday season.

Other safe options for drinks on the Candida diet include herbal teas and chicory coffee. Many people do well with decaffeinated coffee too. And green tea or matcha is another lightly caffeinated option that is preferable to regular coffee.

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