Staying Motivated On The Candida Diet

Staying motivated

Transitioning into a Candida elimination diet is not an easy journey to embark on. For many people, it means turning their lifestyle and eating habits upside down.

Many Candida sufferers find this daunting, but you should think of it as a positive thing. Its time to make the healthy changes that your body needs, and get back to perfect health.

There are a few key points that you need to focus on during your treatment. Whether you are struggling with the cleanse or going through Die-Off, just remember your long term goals and refocus on what’s important.

  • Focus on doing what is necessary to heal your body and regain optimal health
  • Focus on why you are doing the Candida elimination program, not how restrictive it is
  • Focus on getting better every single day and feeling healthy and strong

Starting with realistic goals

If this program seems overwhelming at first, you may want to build up the intensity for a month before fully hitting your stride. Quitting ‘cold turkey’ on all your favorite foods at once is hard! This is particularly true if your current diet is very different from the Candida diet, or if you eat a lot of junk food and takeaway.

If you can’t live without your afternoon chocolate bar or evening glass of wine, try giving up one vice at time. When you’ve eliminated the last one, you’re ready to go full strength on the Candida diet. By phasing out your favorites this way you should avoid cravings and feelings of deprivation.

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Candida and your sweet tooth

You might be thinking, “I’ll never be able to stay away from sugary foods”., but you’ll surprised how quickly your taste buds can be reset. Switch to healthy snacks like guacamole or celery with almond butter, and before long you’ll be craving them instead. Eventually, that dairy milk bar that you couldn’t live without will taste too sweet to eat.

Remember why you’re doing the Candida Diet

One way to boost your motivation is to write down your reasons for starting the Candida diet. It might be because you want to have energy to play with your children, or to do your job. You might want to overcome bowel issues, or say goodbye to constant yeast infections. Whatever it is, write your objective down and put it on your fridge.

If you succumb to temptation occasionally, don’t worry – its just part of being human. Get yourself back on track and stop beating yourself up about it. Motivation will get easier and easier once you start seeing what your willpower can achieve.

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