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3 Surprising Candida Remedies In Your Local Store

Treating your Candida doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on naturopath visits and expensive supplements. The fact is that there are plenty of simple, natural remedies that you can find in your kitchen cabinet or at your local supermarket.

Of course, they don’t get advertised like commercial supplements, and you won’t find many people promoting them online, but that doesn’t mean that they are not effective! And while you might still need to spend some money on supplements to beat your Candida, these natural remedies can really cut down on the expense of following a Candida diet. For example, you might add some probiotic foods to your diet and cut down on your probiotic supplements.

Our Ultimate Candida Diet treatment plan contains lots more tips on probiotic and antifungal foods, as well as how best to integrate them into your diet. In the meantime, here are three foods that you should consider adding to your diet today.

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If you’re not familiar with rutabaga, it’s a root vegetable that is a member of the mustard family. Outside of North America it’s usually known as the ‘swede’ or ‘Swedish turnip’.

The first thing you’re probably thinking is, “Isn’t that full of sugars??” As you know, you should not generally be eating high-carb, starchy vegetables on your Candida diet.  However, the crucial difference with rutabaga is that it has one special property that makes it ideal for Candida sufferers.

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Rutabaga is a strong antifungal that can slow down and possibly reverse your Candida overgrowth. So although the carbohydrates in the rutabaga might feed your Candida overgrowth a little, the antifungal properties more than compensate for this. And of course it makes for a filling, satisfying meal too!

Looking for ways to prepare your rutabaga? For a filling snack you can peel, chop and roast it just like potato fries, then serve with some yogurt and garlic mixed as a dip. Alternatively, chop and stir-fry it with a few veggies, or slice it up and eat it raw in a salad. Try some tasty rutabaga nachos or these delicious rutabaga latkes.


This is a dish that is not to everyone’s liking at first, but try it a few times and you will come to appreciate that sour taste! Sauerkraut is basically shredded cabbage that has been fermented for a length of time. This is done either in salted water (the traditional way) or in various types of vinegar (the ‘modern’ way).

Sauerkraut, similarly to other fermented foods like kimchi or kombucha, is full of healthy, good bacteria. These bacteria are actually what drive the fermentation process, and they include a number of different Lactobacillus bacteria.

Why is sauerkraut so good for Candida sufferers? Well, those ‘good bacteria’ help to weaken your Candida overgrowth in three different ways. You can learn lots more about this in my guide to probiotics.  Very simply though, they strengthen your immune system, regulate your stomach acid and prevent the Candida colonies from expanding.

Sauerkraut is a great food for Candida sufferers, but you should know that not all sauerkrauts are the same. The reason that manufacturers add vinegar is to get the flavor without going through the lengthy fermentation process. Many commercial sauerkrauts are pasteurized too, which will destroy all those ‘good bacteria’. To get the most from your sauerkraut, make it yourself or buy an unpasteurized, refrigerated brand that has been fermented in salt water.

Olive Oil

People are often surprised that something as commonplace as olive oil has antifungal properties. However, a study in 2008 found that oleuropein, a compound found in olive oil, was effective against more than half of the fungi that it was tested against.

How can you add olive oil to your diet? Combine it with sea salt and a little lemon juice for a delicious and simple salad dressing. Cooking with it may also help, but research hasn’t shown yet if oleuropein loses its antifungal properties after heating. I would also recommend that you buy virgin or extra virgin olive oil as these have not been chemically treated.

Be aware that there are lots of fake olive oils around, many of which look perfectly reputable. Manufacturers in Italy and elsewhere frequently mix in cheaper refined oils to improve their profit margins. Use these tips on buying real olive oil to make sure that you are buying the real thing.

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  1. June says:

    I was recently diagnosed with Candida. All the information on this website is very helpful. I am learning so much.

    1. Jean Harrison says:

      Were you diagnosed by a doctor? I have not ever in my 68 years had a doctor that even believed there was such a thing as candida. My sister also experiences doctors not admitting to candida.
      J. Harrison

      1. VJ says:

        I was diagnosed by a doctor, and since I have maintained my diet, I have seen tremendous improvements in my health and skin issues.

      2. June says:

        Yes, I was diagnosed by a doctor. He is an MD that practices Holistic Medicine primarily and western medicine as well when needed. I had never heard of Candida. Now that I am reading about it, I’ve had all the symptoms. I’ve seen several doctors and about my symptoms and they would all say just lose weight or want to give me a bunch of prescriptions for various symptoms. I’ve only been in treatment for a few days so do not feel any relief yet, probably feel worse but it seems that is to be expected at first.

      3. Juntjoo says:

        Doctors only know what they’re taught

        1. Jack says:

          Or what they’re told! Taught vs Told is a ongoing battle!

        2. Danielle says:

          They have tests for antibodies to candida. Yes it’s a real thing.

    2. Eddie Garza says:

      Hi June,

      Can you please tell me what test were used to determine that you had Candida? From the research I’ve done, and the symptoms I have, I am 99% certain I have candida overgrowth, but if there is a test to confirm it that would be ideal. Thanks Eddie

      1. June says:

        Hi Eddie. The blood test name is Candida Albicans AB.(That is what is on the copy of the blood work that I received)

        1. Eddie says:

          Hi June,

          Thanks for the reply. Do you know if a general physician order that test?

      2. Debra says:

        I found a gastroenterologist who would do a breath test to check for bacteria over growth in my small intestines
        I had high amounts

    3. Connie says:

      To everyone reading this:
      This is about SAUERKRAUT, please .. all sufferers pay attention:
      In your area/where you live, google ALDI … this is a german grocery store chain very popular all over the world. ALDI carries Sauerkraut in jars that is made with WHITE CABBAGE and SALT only ! No Vinegar … This Sauerkraut comes from Germany (where I am also from/live in Florida) and is not only delicious, but is very very affordable …. all Candida sufferers go to this website: .. use the “Find a store” on the top of the website, then type in your Zip Code to find the Aldi store nearest you. I have had a jar of this Sauerkraut on my shelf for ever .. sealed, it will stay good for ever I came to find out 🙂 🙂 … Here’s what I did: put it in the fridge, let it get cold, then open the jar and do nothing else, but USE A FORK and start eating it, it is GOOD .. I did this this morning after have reading last nite on a website that Sauerkraut will kill Candida and here, only about 10 or so hours after having eaten some, I feel much better already, there are no bumps on my scalp to scratch off anymore, but scalp is a bit sore, I am hoping ‘DEATH to CANDIDA” is going on up there …. one jar of this ALDI Sauerkraut will cost you between $2 and $4 bux, GO BUY IT AND EAT IT .. it K I L L S … everyone reading this.. GOOD LUCK .. AND YA’LL BE BLESSED …

      1. Nedrea Richards says:

        Candida is also called Oral Thrush, and it’s horrible. I’ve suffered for almost 2 month’s but I’m reading everything about it so I can help myself. I’m taking a Nystatin and on the 3rd refill. As soon as the medication wears off I’m really sick again. I’m going to ask my son to get to Aldi to buy some Sauerkraut for me. Thank you.

      2. kamiel says:

        it’s actually easy to make at home , and way cheaper and delicious , I make it at home all you need is cabbage, pure water ,and sea salt

  2. VJ says:

    I have also been recently diagnosed with Candida. It has been really frustrating trying to maintain the Candida Diet, but this website has helped me tremendously. I just wonder will I be able to enjoy my favorite foods ever again.

  3. Michelle Martin says:

    Awesome, I thought I had to give up sauerkraut for life. I’ve been on a very strict candida diet for over 2 yrs and I’m afraid to stray off my diet in fear of it coming back. I need to check in with you more to get some recipes and tips.

    1. Eddie G. says:

      Hi Michelle,
      If you eat sauerkraut, eat the one that been made with water and not vinegar. You don’t won’t vinegar if you have candida overgrowth. The only vinegar that I believe is acceptable is the organic apple cider vinegar. The pasteurized brand is not recommended as most of the beneficial bacteria are dead. Making your own sauerkraut is what I understand to be the best type to eat. It’s loaded with tons of probiotics which of course fight off the candida overgrowth, or in other words, the unwanted yeast. Best of Health.

      1. Dix says:

        There is a company called Bubba’s which makes pickles and sauerkraut with salt instead of vinegar. It is quite a bit more expensive, but none of us should put white vinegar in our bodies.

  4. Joey says:

    I have gone to multiple doctors and have been somewhat scolded for trying to self diagnose myself. Then they would provide me an antibiotic or topical cream which only made every symptom come back with a vengeance. I’ve hunted for information about my ongoing issues. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s candida, I have had the WORSE time sticking to the diet. I find it so hard when you’re trying to cook for a family. I still need help, so badly.

    1. Sue says:

      Hi Joey

      Night mare trying to keep to the diet tell me about it, im not only suffering from Candida but lactose and wheat intolerance too which by the way can be caused by candida. ive found a place that sales sugar free,lactose and gluten free, products. was keeping my candida under control but UTI has forced me to be on my third lot of antibiotics..grrrrr so not good for me. Still have made some delicious scones using this site’s recipe and served with sugar free jam and lactose free cream!

    2. Travis says:

      Yes! The doctors that I’ve seen say my symptoms are absolutely not candida overgrowth. They treat my skin problems with antibiotics. After the treatment, my skin problems come back even worse! Juicing vegetables….mostly green leafy….and cutting sugar out of my diet has made tremendous improvements with my skin, brain fog, fatigue, allergies, etc.

    3. Nedrea Richards says:

      Me too but I’m researching and reading everything trying to help myself. I was diagnosed with Thrush because of an antibiotic, Azrithramicine, and Prednisone which made it worse. I ate cold mandrian oranges for breakfast because my mouth was so dry and parched, the white blisters that looked like cottage cheese grew and grew, and I ended up in the ER 2 days in a row. I’ve never been so sick in my life and I have Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue syndrome and have Dysuria, Asthma, COPD and Degenerative Disc Disease, a pinched nerve in my spine, and I’m miserable. I’m on a third round of Nystatin but as soon as it is gone each time, I’m more sick again, my throat, chest and stomach hurt so bad I can’t control my pain levels. My 3rd dose of 7 days of Nystatin will be gone tomorrow and I’m terrified that the Oral Thrush or Candida will come back and I’ll end up in the ER again. I’ve been sick for about 2 months. I am so angry with my doctors, the dentist, (Oral Specialist) and the pharmacist for giving me Azrithramicin while I was taking Simvastatin. I had a reaction to the combination of these medications. My doctors have made me sick and even worse when I went to my primary doctor who gave me Prednisone for inflammation.
      I can’t see a gastrointerlogist until April 12th..
      Feeling miserable and terrified that I’ll never get better!

  5. Suzie says:

    I have been making my own saurkraut and kombucha and i made kimchi a few times. I love it!! I’m still having major issues as of right now and have been on the diet for almost 2 yrs. I lnow what you mean about the drs they act like you are crazy when you mention candida. I was on a ton of antibiotics a couple yrs ago then got very sick. I ended up getting rashes all over , really bad ones, from detoxing. The dr at the er gave me diflucan and the rashes statrtes to dry up and my dr refused to believe it and wouldn’t give me a prescritpion for more!!! I also have brain fog quite a bit. Anyways thanks for the tip, i will have to start eating ruttabegggas now!!

    1. LuAnn says:

      Suzie, I was not able to eat fermented foods for more than 4 years. You may be doing too much. I am understanding that Kumbucha may be an issue. Stop it for a while. Kumbucha is made from fermented moldy ick, Candida suffers often have senstivity to mold foods such as mushroom, cheeses, and some fermented foods. At first all I could do was plainyogurt with stevia and Kefir. Try stepping back on fermented foods for a bit to see if it helps.

      Don’t forget veggies also have sugar like carrots peas, so stay away from high starch vegetables.

      I am going to incorporate rutabega though for sure.

      Also coconut meat, of any kind, coconut milk, any unsweetned coconut even coconut oil, is a strong fighter for candida. Go to the library get Coconut Cures book by Dr. Bruce Fife.

      I also use the coconut oil topically. I eat it, drink it in my teas. etc etc.

      Go back to the anticandida diet. I lost 140 lbs.
      I also drink Par D Arco Tea often, Use stevia for my sweetner. By the way try to get it with out maltdextrin or other fillers stay away from the ones like truvia or blends. You want pure stevia extract with inulin.

      Use the coconut oil for your rashes and pure aloe vera, and if you need to you can use plain organic yogurt. I also make a bath with a couple of cups of strong par d arco tea in it. Tea tree oil a couple of drops. Anything antifungal.

      Trust me it works. eat coconut coconut inside and out. You can put coconut oil anywhere in or outside the body.

      So those with vaginal yeast problems Yogurt and coconut oil is very soothing.

      I have done research for 7 years. Right now I probably know more than any doctor I have seen. so I just gave up on them. I am better now than I have ever been.

      I do have MCS issues my bodydoes not detoxify, this is the most bothersome, but I have pretty much resolved FMS, CHronis Fatigue and systemic candidiash IT was a real struggle. But… Once you have candida issues, probably resolve yourself to deal with it your entire life.

      But it beats having some other diseases that can’t be controlled. Best wishes for your health.

      1. mary Jane says:

        Hi LuAnn

        I have been battleing Systemic Candida for about a year, but just found out I had it about 5 months ago. No medical doctor could find out what was wrong with me, but the homopathic doctors found it.

        I am haveing problems keeping weigh on and I am to think already do you have any suggestions for me to put a few pounds on.
        Thank you,
        Mary Jane

        1. Sadie says:

          I had the same issue of weight-loss as well as most other symptoms for over a year so I understand what you’re going through. It can be very alarming but it will literally take you at least a full year of participating on an anti-candida restrictive diet to turn things around. Don’t give up hope, it will happen! Make sure that once you do complete a year, that you slowly add one food at a time back in.

          Follow the diet and eventually you can start to reverse the symptoms of weight-loss as you progress through it. Eat your healthy snacks throughout the day like avocado, then add chia seeds, flax seed oil and coconut milk and oil to your yogurts and smoothies everyday! Hearty eastern dishes with lentils, quinoa, coconut milk and things like Lisa’s coconut loaf should help as well.

          Exercise and get enough rest, things will slowly turn around! Also take sea salt baths (not Epsom salt) 3-4 times a week with tea tree oil or Apple cidar vinegar. This will help eliminate aches, detox, and balance your pH.

          It is best to eliminate high yeast and moldy foods from your diet for life (they are a rare treat for me) and return to the strict diet 1-2 months each year to prevent Candida overgrowth. Best of blessings!

      2. Marshall says:

        Kombucha is never made with “fermented moldy ick”. It IS, however, fermented. A culture consisting of yeast and beneficial bacteria are introduced to a sweet tea, and through the magic of fermentation you are left with a product that can be beneficial for many people suffering from many ailments. And yes, when properly and fully fermented, this includes those suffering from candida.

      3. Angel says:

        There is certainly no mould in kombucha! It would kill the scoby off. The only possible issue with having kombucha when you’re fighting candida, is the amount of residual sugars, which candida feed on. I don’t know where you’ve heard these things about kombucha, but it’s not correct information I’m afraid. It’s awesome stuff, but maybe not now unless it’s left to ferment long enough for the sugars to be consumed during the fermentation process. You should try it sometime (homemade!). Everyone I’ve given it to has asked me to make them a batch! 🙂

        1. Dix says:

          I shy away from Kombucha because my friends who make it say it has to be fed plain processed white sugar. That is just not something I would put in my body. They make a point of saying that it totally gets consumed by the formula, but I have to wonder why you cannot ‘feed’ it with something safe and natural.

          1. jules says:

            My recipe calls for organic evaporated cane juice = natural unbleached cane sugar

      4. Laura says:

        I read about this bitter root called gentian root that is supposed to help, I have been taking for about three weeks and it does seem helpful, also gentian violet it is a topical tincture, very effective

    2. Paula Kinzer says:

      I’m curious if other people’s rashes consist of circular patches of very close raised bumps?

      1. JJ says:

        I have not been diagnosed but I KNOW i have it from reading all the symptoms and comments. I never knew what it was until a friend of mine was telling me about HER symptoms and efforts to get it diagnosed. My husband just blows it off but I am so embarrassed by the rashes (mostly on my stomach) that i will not be undressed in front of him. It is ringworm…i use antifungal cream on it but it’s an everyday thing and it never goes away, sometimes just itches a little less and may not be AS red and irritated. Very frustrating. It seems like we should be able to take a pill to kill the yeast and be done with it. It is so sad that so many people are suffering. I wish you the best! God Bless!

        1. Babs says:

          Try “yeast cleanse” by solaray

      2. Betty says:

        Paula, that description sounds more like ringworm. You could google it and look at the images to see if it’s a match.

      3. Lori Feeney says:

        Paula, if you’re still checking this, I get the same thing, I think. They are large red circular bumps. Sometimes I get one, sometimes a small cluster. I do not think it is ringworm as they go away on their own after about 7-10 days. I think it’s probably related to candida because I’ve compared them to ringworm photos and they are not really the same. They start as a small bump that hurts, then as they grow they itch like mad. Is that what you have? I’ve found that nothing really works and they have to run their course, but antifungal meds can ease the itching,

        1. Anne says:

          I had something like that and I put full strength tea tree oil on it and then a bandaid over it to keep me from scratching it. The tea tree helped a little with the itching. It might help. It did go away.

        2. Suzette Sundae says:

          That sounds exactly like bedbug bites. A friend of mine had been suffering from something similar and thought it was allergies, since his live in girlfriend had no sign of this. Turned out to be bedbugs, though. Get your home tested, immediately.

      4. Chris Lydic says:

        Dear Paula, I got those rashes on elbows and finger knuckles. In Jan I began The Candida Diet I haven’t had any recent flair-ups since end of March. : ) My MD said it was yeast infection (Didn’t mention Candida or I would have researched it a long time ago!) & prescribed Vagasil for the rash on my knuckles. The rash always disappeared but always returned,
        : ( I always have to take extra acidolphilus to prevent vaginal yeast infections when taking antibiotics so I opened an acidolphilus capsule into some warm water and applied it to the rash spots 4-5 times/day. Coconut oil helps too! Treating Candida from the inside works better! Chris

  6. Laure says:

    So glad to learn that rutabagas are actually beneficial in the Candida diet. Last time I went grocery shopping, they were calling to me, but I thought they would not be allowed. Woo-Hoo! I can think of a zillion ways to use them.

  7. Caroline Cowart says:

    I have always loved rutabaga and now to discover it is good in the fight against candida is just icing on the cake. I will buy some tomorrow and will definitely eat it more often. And I also like sauerkraut but I do not eat it often. But now after learning the info above I am going to investigate making it myself and will also begin to eat it more often. I already use olive oil all the time. Thanks so much for the information.

  8. dolores tighe says:

    is th;is diet good for heartburn?

    1. Carol says:

      This diet will help with heartburn but you have it because of something that you are eating, that is upsetting the acid in your stomach. My husband had that and he stopped eating white flour to eliminate the heartburn and I cook everything with ginger to help it along faster. He has been good ever since.This was also advice from a naturopath so take it as you will.

  9. zizi says:

    RUTABAGA is used for making a vegetable soup along with other basic spicing items like leeks, garlic and thyme.

  10. Gloria says:

    LuAnn, thank you for such detailed information. I have been afflicted with systemic candidiasis since the late 80s. I have used strict diets, per Dr William Crooks, in conjunction with prescription Diflucan (for 2 1/2mths) gained a very flat tummy and small waistline, but never flooded my digestive tract with probiotics ( I learned this just 2 yrs ago), hence, the condition returned when I stepped outside of that diet. Regular travelling for weeks at a time, did not help. I no longer wish to use the Diflucan ( have not done so for a few years) and I am exploring other foods to incorporate in my diet. Definitely, I will add rutabagas. My doctor (who diagnosed the candida a couple of decades ago) told me that she recently learnt about sauerkraut as being helpful. This too, was mentioned earlier.

    I have always had questions about Kombucha. I “harvested” it for years, in the late 70s when it was popular in the natural healing circles. It is a mushroom that grows in sugar and water and I used to share it when it grew too much for the 1 gallon jar. Of course, everything is temporary and I moved on to another, whatever. Now, can someone explain how drinking that “juice” could be beneficial to candida sufferers? Mind you, that was my pre-candida days and it was purely for general health.

    This week, for the first time, I went to a therapist (Toronto, Ontario) who holds a PhD in Integrative Medicine and is a Master Herbalist, Iridologist, etc. She has been in business for years and I have spoken to 4 of her clients (3 women), who have been having success with her individualised programmes. I went through different tests (Intero method, included) and she also tested all the supplements that I was using. They registered highly on her machine, so I just had to purchase a couple from her. My candida level was/is so high, that, now, I have to eliminate ALL fruits (remember, one size does not fit all) . Limes/lemons are neutral and very beneficial, especially with drinking, at least, my quota of water. Half of the body’s weight(lbs) in ounces, is the quota for each.e.g.For a body weight of 160lbs, 80oz is the required amount of water (warm or room temp). Again, one size does not fit all. Coffee/green teas are water stealers and require 2 more glasses of water for each cup of coffee/green tea and for herbal teas 1 for 1. I have heard this before, from a doctor who did research on the effect of water consumption on the body. This is just information…to each his/her own.

    Eating a variety of green veggies like kale, collards, spinach, etc on a daily basis is essential and of course, staying away from high starchy vegs. At least, 20mins exercise, daily is necessary to assist with digestion and general bodily function. One of my main issues was/is digestion. From experience, I know that using my quota of water helps, immensely. I did this for 2 months as a test, as it does work. Going to the toilet, daily, does not mean that constipation is not an issue. It is how much is released.

    Coconut oil, coconut jelly (the meat), coconut water ( from the nut), as mentioned by LuAnn, is pure gold for candida sufferers. It is a perfect cooking oil, as it can withstand high heat. This is just a sample of what I have learnt throughout the years and as I am a student of life, my learning is continuous.

    This is my first visit to this (any) Blog (still a computer kindergartner) and I, very much, appreciate the information shared. I look forward to more experiences and information. Thank you, everyone!

    1. christine says:

      Could you tell me the name of the therapist in Toronto? I am from the area and would love to see someone who has experience with this type of issue

    2. Maria says:


      Could you let me know the therapist you saw in Toronto, I too have a bad case of candida.

      Your reply is greatly appreciated.

  11. Carol says:

    Hello All,

    I am just a newby at this Candida curve ball life just tossed my way. I have been having chronic bladder infections for the last 10 years. I have been referred to two Urologist by by family doctor who insist there is nothing wrong with me. I have had all kinds of test and my family doctor even sent me for a cat scan on my head just to check he said. Not entirely sure what he was hoping to see but again, the same answer. There is nothing wrong with you. Well than tell me why I feel like I can pee fire, I haven’ had a bowel movement for oh 8 days maybe 10 stopped counting. My skin looks like an allogator and my legs have more dandruff than my head does and there is a great amount there as well. So I went for a second opinion to a Naturopath that told me as soon as I told her some of my symptoms she knew exactly what I had. She then proceeded to tell me all the stuff that I was no longer going to eat. It’s so nice to know that I am not alone and that there are others that I can lean on for encouragement or advice, tips help and ideas.

    1. Eddie says:

      Hi Carol,

      Sorry to hear you are having health issues. You mentioned that you haven’t have a bowel movement in 8 days or so. You need to remedy that situation as soon as possible. That is a very unhealthy condition. You should do an enema and then get some Milk of Magnesium and drink a lot of water. Once you’ve cleaned your system out, get on some fiber. Try some benefiber or konjac root (Glucomannan ). Once you get regular you can slowly get off the fiber. Also take probiotics daily. Only buy the refrigerated brand and always keep them refrigerated and sealed (preferably) in a glass jar. Take care.

    2. marina georgiou says:

      I really feel for anyone suffering from bladder infections..I too was a sufferer before being introduced to the anti candida…If I stray from the diet I may get the odd start of the symptoms but I don’t reach for antibiotics anymore…I take probiotics and starve the candida by drinking lots and lots of green tea.. and strictly no carbs after 6pm.
      I feel really well and I am so happy. Good luck with your health

      1. marina georgiou says:

        Oh and I also forgot to gyno put me on a course of natural Livial to help my hormones re;balance. I took only two months and that made such a difference too..I can honestly say it was what helped the anticandida diet to work more efficiently…and the fact that sugars and yeast had finally come out of my everyday intake.xx

  12. Jaap Meyer says:

    Will Rutabaga grow in South Africa, and if yes, where can I get some seed or roots? I have never before heard of it.
    Who can supply me with a recipe to make my own sauerkraut?
    Thanks for all the good advice.

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Rutabagas will definitely grow in South Africa (but they’re known as Swedes there). Check this out!

  13. Yael says:

    Is there a difference between rutabaga and turnip? If yes, does turnip also have antifungal properties ?

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Hi Yael! They are certainly similar, but rutabaga is actually a cross between a turnip and a cabbage. I’m not aware of turnip having the same antifungal properties that rutabaga does.

  14. Betty says:

    For those of you who have been diagnosed by a doctor, can you please post the city and state the doctor is in? Looking for someone in Michigan. Thanks!

  15. Shelley says:

    I have candida as a by-product of having Lyme Disease and all the antibiotics I’ve been on. I just joined this group and I’m wondering if anyone else has had this happen.

  16. Lori says:

    Has anyone ever heard that permanent hair loss caused by lichen planopalaris might be associated with candida? Heartfelt thanks.

  17. Liz says:

    Same issue with doctors not working with me. Now I’m pregnant and suffering again after being yeast free for a year following a not overly strict candida diet. (Stage 3) Now, I can’t follow the strict diet and have been trying the pregnancy form of it and I am suffering from major yeast infections. I don’t know what to do! HELP!

    1. Karen says:

      Hi Liz,

      Hi Liz,
      Not sure if you’re still pregnant, but I can relate. I had recurrent UTIs in my 2nd pregnancy, placed on high doses of antibiotics to treat them, and ended up with horrible candida. My suggestion would be make homemade yogurt(ferment it for 24+ hrs). Refrigerate it. Fill a baby syringe with yogurt and insert it into body. Use several syringes worth each night before bed, do this 3+ evenings, and it will help clear the infection. It works! Good luck and best wishes! I’ve also read (but not tried this) that you can make suppositories out of coconut oil (pop them in the fridge) and then insert them… helps to kill candida.

      1. KinLA says:

        If you’re having UTIs forget the antibiotics (get over the counter CYSTEX or AZO for temp pain relief) and get a big bottle of D-mannose powder (it’s the natural element in cranberry that works wonders) and add a teaspoon of it to every drink– then drink a lot. It will keep the little buggers from attaching to your bladder wall and make them easier to flush out. Also take a good dose of Vitamin C between meals and you might try drinking Kombucha and/or adding Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to assist with the flush process. If you haven’t done ACV before use a teaspoon in a large glass of apple juice or water, or you can add a little baking soda to make it less acidic to taste.

        I had UTIs every few months for five years and was just given stronger and stronger antibiotics which lead to Candida and no long term relief. Finally found a natural solution with D-Mannose and haven’t had a UTI in years. Just start drinking it for a few days whenever your urine starts looking the least bit cloudy. Since it’s natural you can’t take too much. If you’d like more non-Rx suggestions I recommend checking out

    2. Kristen says:

      Have you tried putting yogurt, garlic or coconut oil in order to rid the yeast?

  18. Joy says:

    I was diagnosed with candida two months ago. I have only been on antibiotics a few times in my life, and have never taken birth control pills. My downfall was eating huge amounts of chocolate and ice cream. I have experienced extreem fatigue, foggy brain, forgetfullness, disorganization and muscle and joint pains for the last ten years. I am 69 years old and, in the past ten years I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, A.D.D., narcolepsy and depression. I recenatly went to someone who practices holistic health and was diagnosed with candida. I have probably had it for years and never knew. The same week I was diagnosed, with candida, I had an MRI on my brain which showed that my mylian sheaths are coming of parts of my brain.. My neurologist has not, as yet, been able to diaganosed what disease is causing this to happen. I will be going to a hospital that specializes in neurology in January. I know that my candida has crossed through my intestines into my blood. I went to my endochronologist the other day and he said that there was no such thing as systemic candida. However, I am wondering if the candida has gotten past my brain barrior and if that could be causing the mylian sheaths to come off my brain nerves. My neurologist also does not believe there is such a thing as systemic candida. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have been on a strict candida diet and am taking anti-fungal supplements.

    1. Jaap Meyer says:

      Can anyone supply me with a recipe to make my own sauerkraut, pl.

    2. Sandra says:

      Hi Joy, I’m relating to the problems that you are having as my nervous system is messed up due to candida too. I have recently found a great www that everyone fighting this nasty affliction can learn so much from. “Know the” where people like us who have what seems to be the worst cases-actually get well! If you watch that show online & do the diet/tips lLisa recommends then hopefully you’ll feel better soon. Let us know!

  19. Betty Murns says:

    I am new to the website (3 mos) but am doing so much better since following what is available and what I am able to do. The diet is 100% for my situation and I have lost weight and am so much healthier and am beginning to be able to think straight a little! The big thing for me is cutting out the sugar and carbs. I too, find it necessary to educate my doctors as they just dont know, but when they hear what Ive done and the results, they can’t ignore it, so I keep telling them just in case it may help someone else. Question- I also need that recipe to make sauerkraut! also info and recipes on rutabaga. Thanks , Thanks and THANKS!

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Hi Betty, and thanks so much for the positive feedback! I’m going to write a post all about sauerkraut in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

  20. Linda says:


  21. Kim says:

    I am also 99% sure I have candida. I am 45 and in the last few years I have experienced horrible digestive issues (gas, dia and cons), major mood swings, brain fog, toe nail fungus, water retetion, and not to mention dealt with yeast infections from 18 to present. Interestinly enough, I was really concerned that my cellulite was at he worst it’s ever been-everywhere(butt, thights, arms, etc) Insane considering I’m 5’3 and 115lbs. In any case, in my continous effort to find the reedy to eliminate the cellulite I stumbled upon the candida diet on the “cellulite investigation” website sucess stories. A few women had claimed they got rid of it by doing the candidia diet, skin brusing and doing skin pulling. Willing to do anything to eliminate the cellulite I did the hard core candida diet for 2-3 months, implemented skin brushing before and after each shower or bath and rinse for l 5 min each morning when I wake up for 15 min. Well, after trying to find a cure for the cellulite issue for 25 years, this actually worked- i had my husband take a pic of me in a pair of shorts in broad daylight and believe it or not-ALMOST completely gone. Did i mention during the diet did not give up alcohol or cheese, but definitely scaled back. The take away- there is definitely, in my opinion, a link between the viscous candida beast and the toe fungus and cellulite. Has anyone else experienced this?

  22. aaron babila says:

    canddida is no joke i have it and it sucks u cant eat sugar at al!!! or yeasty foods it sucks i get sugar cravings soo bad U just gotta be strong and just eat veggie!!

  23. Chelsea Paurus says:

    Can I use/have honey?

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Sorry Chelsea, you definitely shouldn’t eat any honey during your treatment

    2. Kristen says:

      I have been using honey. Organic. Honey has benefits that you may need. I pass everything by my holistic dr. Every situation is different.

  24. Taryn says:

    I only just noticed on my kimchi pot ingredient label that it contains sugar, high fructose syrup etc. Should I be worried about this? I’ve been eating a ton since I thought it would help my candida.

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Hi Taryn, yes that is definitely the wrong kind of kimchi. You need to be really careful and read every ingredient label!

  25. Maggie says:

    Thanks to everyone for all the valuable information. I to feel I suffer from Candida. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalsia and have several UTI’s. I find I CRAVE sugar and starch all the time. It seems like every week I say I will start the candida diet and hopefully regain some energy and relief from my aching body but I don’t seem to have the willpower to follow thru. All of your posts give me hope and I will continue to read and try to stick to it. I know my symptoms are getting worse and if I want to live a happy healthy life I need to do this.

    1. Sara Berg says:

      Maggie you sound like me. I’ve just found Lisa’s Ebook. Im only on week one but already noticing changes. I am certainly going through candida die off symptoms. I’ve been suffering with most of the symptoms in Lisa’s book for years also. I’ve never got proper Anders always gone around in circles, being treated for the symptoms only. I know I now have to do this otherwise I have grave concerns for my health long term. My body’s been trying to tell me for years. Ironically in the beginning I thought it was candida but only treated my vaginal symptoms. Had never heard of it being in the gut. I have so many vitamins for sleeping, brain fog, joint paint, depression, heartburn, bladder health, energy and so on and so on. I’m feeling like I’m finally getting to the bottom of it. And it is tough but it’s either now or never for me. I hope you continue with the diet. I have no choice but to continue and soldier on with it. I need this to work for me. I wish you ALL well in your fight against candida and thank you all for your advice and support. Kindest Regards Sara ?

  26. Cynthia says:

    I have been suffering from itchiness for more than 2 years and have consulted my doctor about it. he prescribed several medications, suppositories, ointments, tablets and even antibiotic. He even suspected that I have STD, which was proven wrong when I was tested two times.
    The itchiness went away after several months but went back last winter. That is the time I researched again and found this site. Thanks a lot, I have been on the diet for 45 days and have noticed a very big improvement. The itch was gone, so is my weight. I am slowly loosing weight, without really trying and that is the fun side of it. I intend to continue this for a longer time because I have read that you must stay on the diet about the same length of time you have the symptoms. Is that true? anyway, I am enjoying the way I feel now, I find the diet just ok so its not a big problem. My depression is also gone, what more can I ask for? Thanks a million times and more power!

  27. Jill says:

    I have your eBook and have found it very helpful.

    Would u share your thoughts about kombucha and candida?


    1. Lisa Richards says:

      The ingredients in Kombucha vary significantly between different SCOBYs. Some even contain Candida Albicans! So I recommend to avoid it for the duration of the program.

  28. J. says:

    Good article. This is my first time to the website and I plan on exploring it more fully.

    I was diagnosed with a Candida problem along with very severe allergies and MCS by an allergist/internal MD several years ago in another state after finding no help in my own area or nearby states. I was on a Candida diet, probiotics and fluconazole for quite a while, but some events prevented me from returning to the doctor or moving to his area and my last doctor said that they couldn’t prescribe fluconazole at the level needed (even after taking antibiotics).

    After a while, I let my diet go and I’ve been really struggling. I hope I can start to get a better handle on this if I get my diet back under control. This article gave me some great ideas on where to start and it looks like I’ll also find some other excellent ideas on the website.

  29. FRED says:

    Ladies I hurt for your struggles. Candida is rough for men too. Good stuff being shared. Please implement the following – I KNOW IT WORKS FOR ME. Use molybdenum 500 mcg to clear fog – breakdown toxins-( Google it.) I have had to use as many as three at once and suffered no ill effects. It works!! I have developed other GI problems, because of Candida so I use the cleanest supplements I can find. I tried liquid ammonium molybdenum; but it didn’t agree with me. Piping Rock has the cleanest I found and I have searched everywhere. I buy Bulk supplements when ever I can find them (unable to find bulk molybdenum) and use scoops/spoons for measuring (you can buy empty capsules and fill your own). I have also developed a reaction(bloating, cramps and constipation – which ceased when I discovered and removed) to cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, croscamelose Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose -HCMP and any other plant cellulose form as well as most other “other ingredients” found in supplements. You will need Milk Thistle Seed to help remove the toxins form the body 9I grind my own). I’ve had to learn sooo much, because as you know , Coventional Medicine is not up to snuff. I use rutabaga, garlic (1 or 2 cloves), clove spice (small amount), dry oregano ( 1 tbsp) and olive oil (2 tbsn) in a smoothie to kill Candida. Watch out for high carb foods, (winter squash, for example, especially the sweet ones and especially for dinner – to sleep on – they are recommended in some diets to feed the good bacteria – do your research. I would suggest you avoid totally first 4 to 6 months of diet). I will try to share more as time permits and if I am of any assistance.
    God Bless, Be Well; And kill those bastards!-Sounds weird since they are a part of you, doesn’t it. But make no mistake, you are in a battle/war for your very lives!!! And you will Win!!!

    1. Sarah says:

      Hi! Candida allergy sufferer here. Elimination diet 4 weeks in, down 10lbs and all symptoms eliminated some were migraines, adema, sinusitis, cronic ear infections, bloating and don’t get me started on the digestive ish. Diagnosed by a real live md and allergist… Very grateful for this website!

  30. Tamara says:

    I highly recomend, Frozen organic lemon, 1-2 cloves of fresh raw(peel it yourself) garlic, 1 T Aronia berry concentrate ad a bit of pure monk fruit sweetner…I mix in ninja for about 2 minutes and drink. I am seeing first hand results quickly. I also, use/own a (Ancon)Chi Machine and Far infrared dome. Do caster oil packs daily. Aroga suppliments(faster apactoses(sp?) and eat RAW saurkraut with out vinigar am and pm.
    I recently had colon hydrotherapy(something I never thought I’d do) and saw the candida coming out of me. (Closed system, so no odor, but glass tube) The therapist said likely because I had been doing the other things first, my results were better than she had ever seen with 1st treatment.
    I used to literally feel little aliens awaken inside me if I ate something sweet. Always wanting more. My cravings felt out of control and that was all I could think of. I believe I had/have 3 different types of candida. I believe the candida played a role in the developement of several tumors I am fighting…so don’t let it go

    Wishing you health and long life

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