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4 Simple Tips To Beat Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar cubes

We all have times when we crave something sweet to eat — many of our memories are brought to life by things we ate as a child, or by some delicious pudding that our grandmother made.

But when you crave sugar on an everyday basis and start to indulge that sweet tooth regularly, this can have many negative repercussions for your health. Eating a diet that is consistently filled with sugar can disturb your gut flora and contribute to a Candida overgrowth.

A typical day for many of us includes multiple sources of added sugar, and lots of foods that often have a deceptively high Glycemic Load.

This is often exacerbated by irregular meal times or large portions, leading to spikes and then crashes in our blood glucose. If you find yourself constantly craving things like white bread, doughnuts, soft drinks, ice cream and candy, your body is telling you that you’re doing something wrong.

If this sounds familiar, you are certainly not alone. Once you get into a cycle of eating sugary foods, then craving more, it gets harder and harder to break free. Multiple research studies have shown sugar to be a highly addictive substance. You should also know that sugar has been implicated in many other diseases and conditions besides Candida Related Complex.

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Here are four really simple tips that will help you develop a plan to stop your sugar craving and take the first steps towards a healthier diet.

1. Eat small, regular meals

You have probably heard this one a few times before, but it’s worth repeating! To eliminate sugar cravings you need to eat small, regular meals, with no more than three to four hours in between each meal.

If you fast for longer than that, your blood glucose is liable to drop and you’ll be tempted to reach for a sugary treat. Be sure to plan in advance for your day ahead; when you leave the house take a bag or cooler with healthy, low-sugar snacks that you can munch on during the day. Planning really is integral to managing your sugar cravings.

2. Food Choices

Don’t get tempted. Out of sight, out of mind. Stand in front of your fridge and grocery cupboard and take a good look at the food inside. Throw out any food item that is processed, refined or loaded with added sugar. If you don’t feel good about wasting food, donate any unopened packaged food to your local food bank.

Replace your white rice, white bread, biscuits, sugar coated muesli, cake, instant macaroni, ice cream, chips, and fizzy drinks with healthier options. Choose foods with a low Glycemic Load – they release energy slowly and steadily throughout the day, maintaining your blood sugar levels, preventing cravings, and leaving you satisfied for longer. We have plenty of ideas in our recipe section.

3. Water

Each of us consists of over 70% water, and it’s needed for every single function in your body. In order for your body to function optimally, you should aim to drink at least two liters of water each day. If you are active, you may need to drink even more.

In many cases people reach for unhealthy snacks because they think they are hungry, when they are actually just thirsty. Drinking a glass of water before each meal will make you feel fuller, reduce cravings and prevent bad dietary decisions. Remember that if you are feeling thirsty, that means you are already dehydrated.

4. Get Moving

You know that feeling you get after eating sugary snacks? Sugar releases a neurotransmitter named dopamine into your brain, which gives that characteristic ‘high’ associated with sugar.

Well, exercise actually has a very similar effect, and can be used as a substitute to help wean yourself off your sugar addiction. Even something as simple as a long walk or a gentle cycle ride can help ward off those sugar cravings.

Eliminating sugar from your diet is a lot easier if you know what to eat instead! If you need more ideas for low-sugar meal plans, and techniques to avoid sugar cravings, check out the Ultimate Candida Diet plan that I designed with Dr. Eric Wood. It’s full of tasty recipes and lifestyle changes that will get your health back on track!

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  1. Janet says:

    It is a good time of year to get into better habits! We are just about to move house and we are thinking about ways to break habits as we do the move, removing the white rice and bread is a great idea, thanks.

  2. Kerri says:

    I find it’s the same with starchy foods. I’ve beaten most of my candida and dealt with the sugar issue a while ago. Over christmas I ate things I don’t usually eat and found myself on the same roundabout. Even starchy foods like sweet potatoes have been causing me issues and I have to go ‘cold turkey’ on them and suffer the same cravings and detox symptoms as I did with sugar. It’s probably easier this time around, but I’m finding it still quite a challenge.
    Has anyone else noticed this and had to cut out all starches as well as sugars? It makes it quite interesting to think of things to eat at meal and snack times. And don’t even think about grabbing something quick when not at home!

    1. Gabi says:


      I have had the same experience. I have been on a no sugar diet for almost a year. But end of November I went out to celebrate and ate my first pizza and wine. Over Christmas I have eaten more sugary foods again and now I am finding it very difficult to stop the sugar in my diet. I have not really seen any candida issues yet, but I have gained a few pounds and feel more sluggish. So I want to get back to my candida no sugar diet.
      I will have to go cold turkey! I plan to start next Monday!

  3. Julie says:

    Add 1-2 tablespoons of organic Virgin Coconut Oil without Hexane twice a day. This kills off Candida and significantly reduces sweet cravings. Start at the lower dose as to reduce the affects of the toxins released during the Candida die off.

  4. kelly moore says:

    [Only one typo in the whole article — since it spoils perfection, thought I’d point it out. Last sentence in first para under 4 — “gently” should be “gentle.”]

    1. Thanks Kelly – noted and fixed!

  5. Deanna Ekings says:

    I signed up for your emails when a friend first mentioned candida. I have suffered from every single one of the symptoms you listed my entire life and I just go to the Dr when I need more medicine. I have put off even reading the emails until this week when I once again had a yeast infection that the over the counter medicines don’t work the first time on so I have to buy another 7 day treatment and hope it works. I am so willing and ready to do this with two obstacles: 1. My husband, he will never agree to getting rid of the sugary foods, sodas and red meat. So that will be a huge challenge for me. 2. my daughter, not as difficult to deal with because well, I do the shopping and she eats what she is told, however, I know my husband will not be as strict with her diet as I will be. I know it will help her simply because she has ADHD and I know food is a huge issue with this disorder. I hope you can decipher what I am getting at hear and maybe give me some pointers around my family obstacles.

    1. Nicole says:

      Hi Deanna, I’ve dealt with similar issues with my family when I first changed my diet and then again with my boyfriend when we moved in together. It is difficult at first! But for me, once I started to see changes and feel better, they noticed as well and became more and more supportive. My entire family has slowly changed their eating habits over the years as they realized the impact that it has on their own health, energy, and happiness. Best not to force it on any one, and lead by example. As for cooking, I would make the healthy, recipes I needed for myself and then they could add what they wanted to it for themselves, like bread or desserts. Also the more easy to grab, healthy things I kept in the fridge, the more likely they were to eat it as well, especially my much younger brother and sister. It is amazing how over the first year my boyfriend stopped drinking soda and buying sugary foods. Years later, he still eats junk sometimes, but loves our healthy dinners, doesn’t keep sugary food in the house, and fully supports my efforts.
      Hang in there, and know you are doing the best thing for your health and the health of your daughter, and I bet eventually your husband will make some changes too!! Good luck!

  6. Monique says:

    Hi Kerrie, yes you have to stick to diet or go cold turkey and start again. THANX to Lisa’s Candida Diet not only have I got rid of my candida but also have eliminated all yeast, flour, rice, pasta,sugar etc and lost 13kg as well. Feel SOOO much better do “oil pulling” every morning and include Extra Virgin Coconut oil daily in my diet.
    IF I get sugar cravings I eat a good NATURAl yoghurt which contains NO sugars or flavours.
    Been doing this for 11 months now and will stick to it cos I feel so much better.
    Take care and my VERY SPECIAL THANX TO LISA RICHARDS—I promote your diet everywhere!

  7. Hi, I am about to start the Candida diet and am worried about the sugar cravings. I work in an office environment, so am stationary for much of the day, which I know will only make matters worse. Hopefully your tips will help.

    One thing I haven’t seen covered anywhere is Quorn. I know it is made from an edible fungus, so does that mean I can’t eat it on the Candida diet? I’ve got issues with eating meat and Quorn is something I’ve been using as a mince substitute in chilli.

  8. Leon Chavarria says:

    I’m Gluten Intolerant so I avoid sweets… well I’m tempted at times but I think of the ‘long run’ the effect it can have and so I just talk myself out of by saying to myself – beating Candida will become easier – though I have lost a couple times but who else doesn’t stub a toe or lip. I must thank Julie for mentioning how to take Virgin Coconut Oil as I wasn’t sure how much to take so I’ll start with half a tablespoon before breakfast (on an empty stomach) and then before dinner for a couple weeks and work my way up.

  9. Dixie Bredthauer says:

    I had been on the candida diet since September. Doing well. Lost 23 pounds, Holidays came and I fell off the wagon. Having trouble resuming diet. Any suggestions would help.Also feel like I am having burnout. Please help. Thanks Dixie

  10. Mol says:

    It is hard to resist sweets during the day, but i started bringing a bottol of water mixed with lemon and drink it and refill all day everyday and it has kept me from sweet food

  11. as says:

    my issue when on the candida diet is one of weight loss as i am naturally small in size. any suggestions. i supplement my regimen with a hemp milk smoothie made with unsweetened hemp milk, hemp oil, hemp seeds,avocado and coconut oil. are there any known downsides form using the hemp products. i use them for the protein and the calories.

    also i prefer a plant based diet but find that challenging as i lose so much weight and body mass id i don’t include eggs, chicken and fish in my diet.

  12. Crissa says:

    I had a bad allergic reaction to virgin coconut oil; I think I have issues too with tomatoes; I have fungal acne and feel like I’m running out of options as to what I can eat; I hate peppers and ginger too; feeling very frustrated!!

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