Candida Recipes: Snacks

Here is a selection of tasty dips, snacks, soups and appetizers that you can eat during your Candida Diet. If you get hungry between meals, try one of these recipes instead of your regular snacks.

Store-bought snacks tend to be very unhealthy. They are usually full of added sugars, artificial colors, preservatives, and much more. Take a close look at the labels next time you’re shopping, and you’ll likely be shocked at what you read.

All of the snack recipes in this section are 100% free of added sugars and gluten. They are healthy, nutritious, and won’t make your Candida worse.

Entertaining guests while on the Candida diet can be challenging, but it gets much easier once you find a few of your favorite snack recipes. My favorites in this list are the ajvar dip, strawberry muffins, and artichoke hummus. Let me know which ones you fall in love with!

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