How Are Leaky Gut Syndrome And Candida Linked?

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome is a condition that has been identified fairly recently, but it has a strong association with Candida overgrowth. Leaky Gut Syndrome has been identified as the cause of many different digestive complaints including Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis and celiac disease. It is also believed to be closely linked to food sensitivities and allergies, so you may find that your gluten or dairy allergies improve after a successful treatment for Candida.

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome? Very simply, it is the inflammation and weakening of the intestinal walls. This can happen for a number of reasons, but it is very often the result of a Candida overgrowth. The Candida cells start to cause problems when they adopt their fungal form and begin to grow hyphae – the long branches that grow out of the fungus. These branches invade the cells in your intestinal lining, creating inflammation and permeating the membrane that prevents substances from leaking out.

If these openings become sufficiently large, they allow all kinds of food particles to spill out from your gut and into your bloodstream. The immune cells in your blood quickly identify these particles as foreign substances, even though your intestines were happily digesting them a few moments before. Next comes the response from your immune system.  Even though these are only food particles, the immune system acts quickly to neutralize what it perceives to be a threat to your health.

One of the most amazing capabilities of your immune system is the way that it remembers infections. That’s why you only get chicken pox once, and why you will never catch the same cold virus that you caught ten years ago! However, in this example your immune system’s incredible memory is not so helpful. Once it has neutralized and eliminated those food particles in your blood, it remembers exactly what they were. This means that the next time you eat that food, you might find that your body (specifically your immune system) has a reaction to it. This is the underlying cause behind many food allergies.

You can see why the health of your intestinal lining is so important. Among other things, it prevents food particles from escaping into your bloodstream. Maintaining the health of this barrier is one of the goals of any good Candida Diet. In my Candida treatment plan I have included lists of foods to eat that will reduce inflammation in your gut and heal the membrane that surrounds it.

How to reduce the symptoms of leaky gut

If you’re on the Candida diet then you are already avoiding many of the foods that can lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome. Alcohol and coffee are two of the most common triggers, so cutting them out of your diet should have an immediate impact.

Another cause is processed foods that are full of additives, preservatives and other man-made ingredients. Again, if you are following the Candida diet then you have already cut out most or all of these processed foods.

You should try to avoid anything that will further irritate the intestinal lining. For that reason, Candida sufferers who suspect they may also have Leaky Gut should try to find an alternative type of fiber to psyllium. Some good options are acacia, flax and apple fiber.

Lastly, you should also try to avoid glutinous grains. These contain a protein that opens up gaps between your intestinal cells. Switch to grains like buckwheat, millet or quinoa, or consider dropping grains from your diet entirely. As fans of the ‘Paleo’ diet will already know, we’re not really designed to eat grains anyway!

So what’s the best way to heal your intestines and beat your Leaky Gut Syndrome? The Candida diet is already an excellent diet for sufferers of Leaky Gut, but with a few modifications it can be made even more effective. Cut out the foods I mentioned above, try to reduce your stress levels and switch to a more gentle type of fiber. As your Candida clears up, you should find that your Leaky Gut repairs itself too.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive treatment program that is designed to treat Leaky Gut too, you should try my Ultimate Candida Diet plan.

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    • patty says

      i have also found l-glutamine to be very helpful! I am eating Perky’s crunchy flax cereal which agrees with me. now i know why. how long does one take l-glutamine?

    • Angela says

      L Glutamine really helped me to take a big step forward in my healing. I used it in addition to the diet and probiotics and it made a noticable difference. You can buy it in powder form from health food stores so it is easily digestable.

  1. Mary says

    Definitely have an intolerance to grains especially wheat but coffee & alcohol & all sugars off the menu too. Blows up the insides & slows down digestion. Where would I get I-glutamine? Health food store I guess

  2. Angela says

    I have been taking a drink with Psyllium seed/husk powder with Caprilic acid and Bentonite clay and water. This article seems to be suggesting that Psyllium is too harsh. So should I be using the suggested alternatives in this drink? Also, does apple fiber have sugar content?
    Oh and thanks everyone for the tip/confirmation regarding L-Glutamine. I am going to have to get some on board.

    • says

      Hi Angela! Psyllium is absolutely fine for most people, but if you are suffering from Leaky Gut then it can cause irritation. Fiber-3 from NOW Foods is one alternative that is more gentle, but there are plenty of others. However if you don’t feel that the Psyllium is causing you any problems, that’s fine too.

  3. Yael says

    Hi Lisa ! I see a lot of white stuff get out of my body when I am in the toilet. Could that be the candida ? If not, what could it be ?
    Best regards, Yael

  4. Vicki Gorissen says

    Hi all,I fine that I feel nausea or get headache after eating any proteins like meat,fish, chicken and tuna,can eat eggs and quinoa but over that,any other suggestions ( not tofu )And why does that happen ? Cheers

    • MUSTARD says

      Fix the original problem first — the cause of candida overgrowth. Then speedy recovery with L-Glutamine.

  5. monica says

    I need some help with leaky gut. I have been to numerous drs and they cant figure it out-I am currently trying to find a specialist. I am a vegetarian so it is hard. But I have noticed that starches and sugars seriously affect me. My diet right now consists of fish and all types of leafy green vegetables. Should I be taking a fiber supplement and l glutamine? I also cant have anything with wheat, eggs, corn, dairy etc. Is there an L-Glutamine product out there that doesn’t contain these? I could use ANY help, as I am having bad side affects and really just want to heal this.

  6. Angela says

    Yes, I second that! Instead of taking a supplement manufactured out of natural things, why not just eat the original version? If you need L-glutamine – eat steak! 😀
    or any beef, or chicken, fish, eggs, cabbage, spinach, and parsley! 😀

    • MUSTARD says

      These supplements are meant for theurapical recovery dosage or metabolism problems. If you’re healthy then the dietary intake from foods are sufficient.

  7. sheena says

    @Monica, Listen to your body. Eat natural and organic food that don’t irritate your gut. There are many healing foods like turmeric, ginger, flax seeds powder, fermented foods, green leafy vegetables and so on which are great for curing a leaky gut. Another important thing is to relax and not stress over issues that you do not have control over. When we stop stressing and let go things improve dramatically. When body is sick and needs to cure itself, it does not need the additional burden of dealing with a stressed mind which takes most of the resources that can be otherwise employed to heal the body.

  8. James says

    L-glutamine converts to glutamate! Yes, MSG. I learned this the hard way. Had leaky gut, now have leaky brain. I’d go with other ways to heal the leaky gut, like slippery elm bark, sangre de gato, etc.

  9. Martin @ Leaky Gut Research says

    I found all supplements problematic due to many ingredients they contain that get the gut inflammation worse. Supplement by real food:
    gelatin: beef broth
    glutamine: steak
    vitamins: fruit, vegetables, liver

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