What Is Candida Die-Off?

No more Candida Die-Off

A well-designed Candida treatment plan aims to make your treatment as fast and easy as possible. However, there are some treatments that advertise cures within such a short period (like 12 hours in one example!) that they are simply not credible.

In fact, these irresponsible treatment plans can potentially expose you to a severe Candida Die-Off reaction. This is an unpleasant condition that will make your Candida treatment much more difficult.

Candida Die-Off is also known as the Herxheimer reaction. It occurs when many fungal microorganisms like Candida are destroyed at the same time. Now you’re probably wondering why this would be a bad thing – after all, the purpose of a Candida treatment plan is to kill the Candida right? Well, the problem is that each of these Candida cells releases up to 79 different toxins when it dies. And when you have a large number of these cells dying at the same time, the toxic overload can overwhelm your liver.

The symptoms of Candida Die-Off are pretty similar to regular Candida symptoms – inn fact they are caused by exactly the same group of toxins. The major difference is that Candida Die-Off is much more intense. This is because instead of being released slowly, as a result of Candida’s metabolic processes, all those byproducts are released at once in a flood of toxicity. Some people who experience Candida Die-Off report nausea, migraines and other very unpleasant symptoms. However, the good news is that if you follow the right treatment plan, you do not need to worry about experiencing Candida Die-Off at all.

The first way to avoid Candida Die-Off is to make sure that you don’t make too many large changes at once. That’s why in my Ultimate Candida Diet treatment plan I recommend taking breaks between introducing any new dietary changes, probiotics or antifungals. This is the safest, easiest method to beat your Candida. Allowing enough time between each phase of the plan allows your liver to adjust and prevents too many Candida toxins from being released at the same time. In my plan I lay out a specific timeline that should keep you from experiencing any Die-Off symptoms at all.

To be even safer, I recommend that you take some liver-supportive supplements before and during your treatment. Supplements like Candidate and milk thistle are great for eliminating Candida toxins like acetaldehyde, ethanol and uric acid. They will also reduce the risk of you experiencing Die-Off symptoms when you introduce a new food or move on to the next phase of the treatment plan.

If you follow these two steps, then the chances of experiencing Candida Die-Off become much smaller. This is really important – I have seen many Candida sufferers quit their treatment plan because the Die-Off symptoms simply got too bad. A good treatment plan will allow your body time to adjust during each phase of the treatment, ensuring that you keep your motivation and stay on the program long enough to beat your Candida.

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  1. Rachel Halder says

    Hello! I’m wondering if acne is a sign of candida die-off? Ever since I started candida-free diets religiously, I’ve had a ginormous increase in acne. I always had a little bit of acne (and in high school was on antibiotics and then later birth control for it – probably causing my candida today!), but right now my acne is seriously out of control. Do you have any ideas abou that?

    • says

      Acne can be a sign of Candida Die-Off but usually only in the short term. Longer term acne could be caused by a hormonal imbalance, so I would suggest seeing a functional doctor to investigate further.

  2. Filip says

    Dear Rachel, acne can definitely be caused by Candida and even in the die-off phase. I have had serious acne on the front and even more on the sides of my forehead for four years now (this is how long I have had the symptoms Lisa talks about). My face became very greasy especially the area around my nose. However, when I started fighting Candida my face cleaned up a bit and now the acne comes and goes but is less severe than before.

    The thing about Candida I have realized is that the symptoms are so variable from person to person and that makes the whole problem even more difficult than it already is to diagnose and treat.

  3. Maureen Amonson says

    Can a person take Candidate and NAC with Molybdenum at the same time to help with die-off symptoms? Is it okay to take Milk Thistle with these as well? My husband is currently in the detox phase and is only taking Candidate. He is experiencing a lot of symptoms like muscle and joint pain, weakness, headache.

  4. Jake Eagle says

    If I’ve been doing Candidate and NAC for a while, but as soon as I start the Candida Support supplement (made by NOW), I get a terrible belly ache, does that mean I’m detoxing too fast? This occurred with only one pill. Will doing the cleansing diet help minimize this problem? Any other suggestions? Thanks for you great work.

  5. Linda Storks says

    i think i went about the process wrong, as i’m experiencing major die-off symptoms. i stopped eating the candy and other sweets all at once, and i started taking SyntolAMD. the first bottle, no problem. but now, with this second bottle, i having all the uglies that go with it. i have sense bought a great Detox and a bottle of Molybdenum. am i going about this in the right way? HELP. plus, i’m losing weight that i really can’t afford to lose.

  6. Tamare Sweeting says

    I’m wondering if taking Activated Charcoal capsules can assist with riding the body of the toxins when there is die off? If so how do I go about taking them. I know activated charcoal can clear even the good supplements out of your system and I don’t want them to render my Candida Support and Oregano Oil useless. So I’m wondering do I take these prior to taking the supplement or a few hours after taking the supplement

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