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Candida & Prescription Medication: Pros & Cons

Prescription medications like nystatin and diflucan might not be the best choice for Candida

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it may be time to consider a prescription intervention, at least for a period of time, to help get a Candida infestation under control. However, many people are not given the full story when considering medications.

Today we will talk about some of the pros and cons of commonly suggested and prescribed medications for Candida problems. These medications include: Diflucan, Nystatin, Sporanox, and Nizoral. The first two of these are the most commonly used, so we will primarily focus on them.

Why Take Diflucan Or Nystatin?

As you would expect, both of these medications are intended to either kill the Candida microorganisms, or stop them from further propagating and causing more health problems.

Diflucan is typically considered to be more of a killing, or ‘fungicidal’ agent. Nystatin, on the other hand, is more focused on stopping the growth, and is therefore known as a ‘fungistatic’ medication. Like all medications, both come with pros and cons in their use.

Both of these medications can be very useful in helping individuals get a quicker handle on this overgrowth than may be the case with lifestyle and supplemental interventions. This can be particularly helpful when symptoms are more severe and the overgrowth has been established for longer periods. However, the longer you are on these medications and the higher the dose, the greater the likelihood of potential complications and side effects as well.

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Side Effects Of Diflucan And Nystatin

In certain instances it may be necessary to use either Diflucan or Nystatin to get a better handle on things. But as a long-term curative strategy, there are considerable concerns with using a pharmaceutical route to ‘cure’ a Candida overgrowth. Let’s take a look at Diflucan first.

Diflucan causes high rates of side effects, with nearly 1 in 7 reporting reactions such as severe rashes, itching, skin inflammation, nausea and abdominal pain, dizziness, jaundice, and liver problems. In particular, Diflucan is noted for elevating liver enzymes. In more severe and rare cases, it can instigate cholestasis, hepatitis, and even hepatic failure in already weakened patients.

Nystatin typically does not create so many side effects as Diflucan, but the list is still fairly lengthy. They can include: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, allergy, rash, itching and swelling, and complications for those already dealing with AIDS/HIV, kidney disease, or diabetes.

Both Diflucan and Nystatin interact with a fair number of medications, including HIV medications in particular. It you are using any other medications, you should discuss any possible interactions with your physician before deciding if Diflucan or Nystatin are a safe and appropriate choice for you.

For both of these medications, the longer and higher the dose you are on, the greater the chance is of seeing adverse reactions. Some reactions can also be cumulative over time. This is relevant if you were previously on Diflucan or Nystatin, stopped your medication for a period of time, then restarted it. In such later courses, the risk of side effects is likely greater due to prior use of the medication.

Have You Done A Cost Benefit Analysis?

How do you know if you should use one of these medications to help get your Candida symptoms and overgrowth under control?

First of all, you need to be very honest with yourself about your situation and how severe it is. Are your symptoms really out of control? Are you struggling to just get through the day? Or, even though your symptoms are irritating, are they mild enough for you to manage OK?

Furthermore, do you have any other conditions that might increase your odds of having reactions to the medication? Be conscious of conditions like HIV prescriptions, kidney disease, diabetes, hepatitis, or hypersensitive skin.

As with any medical condition, it would be wise to review such concerns and considerations with your health care provider, including ideally an integrative doctor. If you do this, it is important to share your full story including the severity of your symptoms and any medication that you are taking. Get a full understanding of all the options available to you, and then make a reasoned decision after being aware of all these considerations.

In general, if your case is not severe, it is probably best to reserve medications like Diflucan or Nystatin for later. They will be there if you need them. In the meantime, you can try the lifestyle interventions (diet, probiotics, etc.) as well as natural antifungals that work well and largely come without any of the complications and risks of pharmaceutical medication.

In more severe cases, you’ll need to carefully weigh these pros and cons with your healthcare provider and make a decision that you’re both comfortable with. If you choose to use Diflucan or Nystatin, be sure to monitor your liver enzymes and other blood parameters to ensure that you’re not experiencing any of the more unpleasant side effects.

If you prefer to avoid prescription antifungals, there is still a pathway to getting a Candida overgrowth under control. Along with Dr. Eric Wood, I created a comprehensive Candida treatment program that incorporates diet, lifestyle changes, probiotics, enzymes, natural antifungals, and much more.

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  1. Natnat says:

    I don’t take any of those. I get pharma grade lufenuron (key ingredient in program and other flea/tick meds for pets), which has no side effects because all it does is attack chitin, which fungal candida is protected with but exists nowhere else in your body. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I got mine from shop4lufe (this isn’t an ad, I actually just highly recommend them), and with a natural anti-fungal blend, diet, probiotics and bone broth, I’m seeing great improvement. Things that used to cause flare ups and set me off either are eliminated or greatly reduced. I can be out in humid weather without feeling like jumping out of my skin, etc. It’s so much better than any of those meds and super safe.

    1. lorenzo says:

      Yeast is the #1 killer of mankind. People eat yeast bread every day. God warned his people never to eat leavened bread 5000 years ago because yeast is what’s causing Candida yeast problems not bread flour. Learn how to make yeastless bread like chapatis and your Candida yeast problem will disappear
      No yeast products none-donuts check the labels – no yeast passing your mouth

      1. Arney84 says:

        Thank you very much for this – I might try to make chipatis 🙂

      2. michelle says:

        Is this true? How do you know this? What about the yeast on fruit skins that grows naturally?

      3. Amber says:

        Not true… God says only to not eat yeast during the Feast of Unleavened Bread, not for all time. I do agree however, that it is for our health and benefit to cut out yeast from our diets.

      4. Jane says:

        So we shouldn’t eat bread based on an imaginary friend telling us not to? I rather stick to science.

  2. Doug C says:

    Normal lifestyle interventions were not working for me (I’ve been off sugar of all kinds (including fruit), alcohol, breads, most meat since Oct 2013). My functional doc originally put me on Vfend (Voriconazole) which did not eliminate my issues (penile yeast infection). Since we have tried oral Lamisil (Terbinafine) which after two weeks of heavy dosage (250mg 2x-day) seems to be clearing up the infection. I will remain on the Lamisil for a full month to see if we can knock this out finally. I am doing liver enzyme tests every two weeks. Just some other possible solutions for your readers that are struggling with this issue.

    1. Tora says:

      How did you go about liver enzyme tests? Im in the UK. Thanks

    2. jim says:

      I took 100mg of ketaconazole for 2 weeks, and then 100mg of lamisil for 2 weeks, and my liver enzymes ended up being 5x would they should be. Be careful.

      And the meds did nothing to solve my problem. What has helped most has been cutting out flour tortillas and pizza, and taking probiotics with 30 billion m.o.. I take twice the recommended daily alotment. Also eating lots of fruit.

    3. Anthony says:

      Hello Doug,
      Did the round oral lamisil get rid of your problems?

  3. Ann M. says:

    After 20 years of recurrent sinus and vaginal yeast infections, I finally came to understand what was really going on. After 3 years of progressive, depressing and demoralizing weight gain, I knew the “doctors” I had consulted didn’t have a clue and didn’t care other than to prescribe pills of all kinds (which I refused to take). After figuring out that antibiotics were most certainly NOT the answer, and diflucan just wasn’t (permanently) working, I found your website as well as others that helped me identify and tackle the real problem. I am sticking it out, no matter what. I know I beat it once but had a severe lengthy recurrence after a stressful long distance trip seemed to make everything go out of wack.
    Thank you so much for everything you teach. Thank you for…well, for just being there when I feel discouraged.

  4. Faye says:

    Hi, when I was diagnosed with moderate candida from a naturopath I mentioned this to my GP and he essentially treated it as if it was non-sense. Do you find this common? Anyways, I have had success treating it with diet which although it was an adjustment did create real change in my life and symptoms. I have taken difluocan many times for vaginal yeast infections, probably 6 times in the past 15 years. The treatment is only two days and I experienced no negative side effects whatsoever. I was wondering if the dose generally prescribed for vaginal yeast infections is similar to the course of treatment for candida, or is it longer and more intense. Difluocan was prescribed so often and its side effects so moderate that it is now available where I live without a prescription and over the counter.

    1. Alice A says:

      I am thinking of going Canada or ?? for Diflucan as my dr won’t prescribe it. I caught an even worse attack of fungus with head and back sores amongst other severe attacks just from being in his musty office. Took a week to get sort of back to even thinking clearly again, etc. Do you have ideas how I could get ahold of fluconazole (Diflucan) simply? No longer “my dr” would, has, happily prescribed seriously dangerously drugs which nearly removed me from this planet two years ago. I care about my body-Temple of God-and treat it honorably. Getting puny now. Don’t want to be taken care of, would prefer doing the care-giving and have even brought folks out last stages Alzheimers, other dementias, etc. Thanks for at least reading this. I live in small town in AR.

      1. Linda Carter says:

        I enjoyed your note here, I am wondering about the help with Alzheimers, my sister in law is in advanced stages of it. Do you have any recommendations? Linda Carter

        1. Marcella says:

          Apparantly Coconut oil is an excellent food for people with Alzhiemers.

      2. Peggy Dee says:

        Forget regular doctors find a doctor in your area that is an Infectious Disease control specialist. They will have all of the most current research available on Candida and other fungal pathogens.

    2. Cassie says:


      No. The doses for an invasive yeast infection are VERY different than what is given for a vaginal yeast infection. I’ve taken both. For a vaginal yeast infection, it was two doses of about 150mg each.

      For the yeast infection in my cuticles (diagnosed and treated by a top dermatologist after cultures), I took 200mg per day for a week, then 200mg once a week for an additional month, then a further 200mg dose once a month for 2 more months. Which totals 13 doses in 13 weeks.

      The doses given by my dermatologist were perscribed by a very thorough doctor who did skin cultures along the way.

      1. Tora says:

        Hey Cassie. Did you get any side effects, particularly skin related? Thanks

      2. Vera says:

        Did it completely heal? I will try this.

    3. Andy says:

      I am a male and have been struggling with this for well over a year now. I have brought this up with various doctors several times,both GPs as well as a skin specialist, both in USA and Europe, and so far none of the health care professionals have taken me seriously. I even asked a doctor to take a look at my tongue, which by now is covered with a grayish coating, and he thought it looked quite normal. So i’m treating myself according to Ms. Richards’ food plan and hope for, if not speedy, then long term positive health benefits.

      1. RYAN SMITH says:

        I hear you guys, I went through a bad period with alcohol about 5 years ago, haven’t drank since… I noticed something INFESTING my body a week before hospital admittance… I had it everywhere, and the month long alcohol binge masked it until one day I looked in the mirror at my tongue and it was a FUZZY yellow, it freaked me out, like hairs growing on it… Then I began to notice tons of rashes, what I can only explain as dandruf cached on one side behind my head, bottoms of feet were cracked and dry I learned later after finally looking.

        I just started exercising, eating organic, healthy meals, it took like 2 weeks to brush the “fur” off my tongue… God I haven’t relived this in years I hate even thinking of it, never needed AA after this experience. haaven’t drank since, I’m young too. One thing I think helped was Cellfood Concentrate liquid oxygen, and Keifer… I lived on Keifer, I even doused it on gluten free cereals? the good ones? Gosh it’s been so long,

        Only happened on this website after updating my bookmark links deciding to make sure it was still running, thought to share a bit of knowledge… anyway ALCOHOL CONSUMED my system, to the point where it wasn’t just the tongue or rashes, or even the buildup of dandruf or whatever it was on my feet and scalp.. I actually begin to lose my equilibrium… I could barely walk from one room to another without carefully calculating my steps.. Jesus, pardon me I just never realized until typing this.. how much it frightened me, I never told anyone about ALL the symptoms, only close family just thought I went on too long a binge… I feel like I was being eaten from within, consumed, and before long, perhaps a few more months it would infect my organs deeper and cause death.

        Since then, I’ve been fortunate, after a mere 3 months I adapted back to my normal healthy diet, as is considered in America… I never ate fast food, if I had to I got the healthiest thing… Always got the best vitamins and bars OH and Probiotics, Garden of Life, I’m no sponsor, and they are WAYYYY too expensive but well, trust me people you can tell the difference…. I still buy the Probiotic blend, 90 caps 84billion 23 strains? supposed to take 3 a day…. I take one and well, that clears me right up… I figure if Jarrow’s started it with 5billion and 8 strains, Garden of Life raised the bar, so I consume much less than recommended, particularly because I also take their multi-vitamin supposed to take 4 a day I take 1, a bottle of 240 lasts, well obviously 240 days, and the probiotics 90 of them supposed to be a months supply last around 4 months, as I drink Keifer and take Acidophilous here and there to balance it out…..

        Anyway, I’ve never shared what this did to my body, and the most upsetting thing I remember… I’ve always had a good memory…. I was in a pretty significant state of alcohol Detox day 2, but they had me loaded on lorazepam (Ativan) so I actually felt kind of good I was busy on my phone ready to get rid of this disease and figure out what was consuming me, and when I confronted my doctor, in one of the best rated hospitals in America… He looked at my phone, to his credit, spent 20 seconds reading and dismissed it!!! I had to fight back an angry wince as he gave me that patronizing smile “you think you have this?” with that smile… “Mostly women get this, during pregnancy and anti-biotic regiments”, well at least he knew that but come on!

        I guess the tongue “growing fur” and turning yellow is a symptom of alcohol WD because as soon as I found my way (wow, how did I even find admissions) I remember getting lost in an elevator then some guy giving me directions like I would remember in full blown WD, anyway I found it and the first thing the admissions officer asked me to do was open my mouth and stick out my tongue.. She IMMEDIATELY said “Ohhhhh yeah, you are going through withdrawal alright”… And I sensed the urgency as delerium was kicking in and I think she knew I came at the right time and time was limited…

        I was in the waiting room for what I can only guess to be around 1 to 2 minutes, unheard of…. I’ve sat there bleeding before for 15 minutes, or with broken bone 10+ minutes.. (which is great hospital stats, it’s ranked among top 5 in the nation). Anyway, my only mishap was after the first 24 hours I awoke to the “team” they had assembled for me and they went through the do you know what time it is, your name, day, fingers holding up, flex your joints, etc…. But I thought I had been there 5 days…. The urge to argue was suppressed by my subconscious intellect, and consciously by the fact that I was analyzing why on earth would this accredited doctor lie to me, though I was certain it was 5 days… it was like a strange epiphany… I just said wow, ok thank you… 24 hours it has been I see that now, and I never had delusions after that but boy did they check and check, nurses coming around “you have so much going for you, you’re a good looking young guy why do this?” as if looks have anything to do with addictive behavior, ironic, I mused, satisfied I was regaining some sense of intelligence back… But the coordination didn’t come back for like 3 days, wow, scared straight, Shick-Shadel and their aversion therapy has NOTHING on knocking on deaths door, I was certainly just months away from drinking myself to death, and I have no idea why, no abuse, good childhood, ok life, as can be expected regular…

        Garden of Life Probiotics 84million 90caps take as you feel you need.
        Cellfood Liquid Concentrate 1oz Liquid Oxygen (dosage is in drops)
        Exercise, shower, twice a day, and

        It’s so frustrating M.D.s won’t acknowledge this yet, a practice it certainly is, well something one practices 10 years should levy a fair amount of knowledge and an open mind instead of pushing drugs of big pharma companies and getting their commission for sample handouts, or markers, it works that way, legally somehow… and to be fair MDs have to know about EVERY disease and bacteria of their region…and that can be a very VAST subject… but I have to assume, even knowing a doctor or two who has said this that 97+ (they usually say 99 for emphasis) but 97/100 people who go in there have common conditions, colds, infections, the list is large but it is the most common ailments we suffer…. Even if an ebola patient in early stages showed up in america at the best hospital its so doubtful they would get the diagnosis right…This isn’t House M.D. lol…. They work with their regions and follow the illness reports of the seasons to treat according to statistics, if a certain flu strain is going around, and a person might just have a cold, they get the full ride…. Wow I need to Shut the F up.. Sorry Guys, Wonder if this will make it to the board LOL.

        1. Mayra says:

          Thank you you sooooo much for your lengthy advice. Lots of useful info. My 13 month old has this horrible yeast and I only bathe him every other day but now I will bathe him each night.

        2. Craig says:

          Hey there Ryan!
          I never got hospital-bad, but I’ve been through pretty full-on alcohol periods. I figured out I had a candida problem for other reasons, but when I was reading into it I found a lot of information on the relationship between candida and alcohol.
          One of the things candida pumps out is acetaldehyde. When you combine alcohol and acetaldehyde, two things happen:
          – it gets way more additictive
          – it releases chemicals kind of like opiates
          So the alcohol is making your candida worse, but it’s making you feel so much better. It made so much sense when I read that!
          Before I found about candida, whenever I’d quit alcohol I’d feel way worse than I ever did when I was drinking. Because the candida was still there, and I’d be eating grains, sugar and rice even when I was eating ‘healthy’. Not sure if you ever had this problem – I always figured that if not drinking feels this terrible, I might as well drink!
          I’ve found getting on top of my candida means I can enjoy my life and also still drink if I avoid beer (carbs and yeast) and I get all of the normal ‘positives’ without all of the strange addictive side of it.
          There’s a few articles out there that think for a lot of people who end up with alcohol problems, candida and acetaldehyde might be a big part of the problem!

          Hope you’re doing well mate, thanks for the rant!

        3. Carissa says:

          Lmfao!!!! That was a long ass story but very interesting, thanks for sharing your experience and supplement advice. I’ve taken GoL probiotics before as well after taking antibiotics for yeast infections, and currently take (1, not 4, just like you), of their multivitamin capsules.
          Best wishes,

        4. SomeGuyFromNJ says:

          Did you ditch your alcohol addiction for amphetamines? You went off on a incoherent, manic rant that is reminiscent to one induced when a handful of adderall/vyvanse are consumed and someone googles their symptoms and thinks they have some rare disease after lol

          I’d bet my left nut (hangs lower anyway) that you have ADD or simply take adderall…

        5. Karen Zavada says:

          Hey Ryan,
          Thank you for sharing your story. Would you be willing to share your daily regimen? And how are you doing now?

        6. Judi Baker says:

          Ryan please do not shut up. It is people who have had the experience and have found cures and speak about it that help the rest of us. Otherwise we don’t get to know anything and go on suffering.

        7. Dani says:

          You rock Ryan. I was on the verbal ride with you. Kudos for fighting the good fight. Now victory is yours! 🙏🏼 Dani from Brisbane, Australia 🤸‍♀️

  5. Nina says:

    I’m two weeks into the diet, I’m doing it because for the last 3 years I have had a ridiculous amount of urine infections, had to be on antibiotics every time and 4 weeks ago was hospitalised as one of the infections went up into my kidney. It now looks like I’m getting yet another infection, if I have to go on antibiotics again does anyone know if it will totally mess up the diet? Will I have to start again?

    1. Peggy says:

      How old are you? My friend, then myself 6 minths lwter, started having frequent severe urinary infections. Found iut was dye to menipause, and dropping estrogen levels. Now use Estrace cream 1-3 times a months ( started out 2 times a week), and the urinary infections stopped. If I push it and go a month, I’ll get infection.


    2. Judi Baker says:

      Oh Andy, your tongue should be pink. When you brush your teeth brush your tongue to. That won’t solve everything but it will help.

  6. Morgan says:

    I’m wondering about antibiotics during a candida treatment plan as well. I’ve been struggling for a very long time. I’m on Sporanox now and was previously on Diflucan and Nystatin – a total of six months on antifungals and I still have a ways to go. I take high doses of probiotics and I’m on a diet that minimizes flare ups. It seems I likely have an abscess around the root of a tooth that has had a root canal – and that infection may have been there a while, too. I have a prescription for amoxicillin. What do you do when you need to take an antibiotic?

    1. GAL says:

      Remove the tooth with the failed root canal and get an implant

  7. Lori says:

    I have had candida for many years. I have been on Diflucan repeatedly. My MD just told me to try Oil of Oregano. I just found “the” yesterday and see where it is highly recommended. I have placed my order for the oil as well as Grapefruit seed extract. My candida is systemic. I really have no outward signs per say such as vaginal yeast infection or anything. But, my health is greatly deteriorated over last couple of years. I have been diagnosed with so many things and put on so many different meds. I want naturally healing if possible. I want my life back. I am very excited to begin again in the regaining of my health and life.

  8. Alyssa says:

    Have you ever heard of taking iodine drops and boron in killing off Candida? My colon hydrotherapist recommended it and I have been using it for a month in combination with the Candida diet but haven’t experienced any noticeable relief.

  9. Gloria Tepper says:

    Has anyone tried Tea Tree Oil, I read it was an anti-fungal also wondering about Soverign Silver liquid drops for the immune system?
    Have been on oral Nystatin one tea x 3 a day for exactly 5 days, woke up this morning with swollen neck,face, tongue and excessive mucus, in throat, coughing to break up the wheezing. Took antihistamine, starting to clear, obviously an allergic reaction.
    Just back from store, got my coconut oil, got my gel cap oregano…etc.

  10. Deborah says:

    I have suffered from candida for over five years. It’s on and off. I’ve tried several kinds of drugs but the thing is still there and I’m tired of it. Since I’ve read about the Candida diet I think I should also try and see the results.

  11. Steven says:

    diflucan and Nystatin work. Patients should consider a bowel emptying ptotocol. Like a Dr. Shulze or another one. Use MCT oil and raw beets to help move things along with coffee. Stay away from Enemas unless you have a serious micro flora replenisher. Figure a way to eat so the food doesn’t stay long
    You want as much bowel wall exposure as possible before administrating.
    Get in a suana with some Niacin if you have to.
    If your trying to overcome anything you don’t want in your body to include weight, parasites, fungus, toxicants- then you NEED to have 3 or more bowel movements a day and a living crap load of Bifido probiotics, water.
    Cayenne pepper consumption and ice cold baths are incredible modalities too.
    It’s like your pores are shut tight why the cayenne melts/burns all pathogens away.

    Theory: if you have polyps in your nasal cavities then it’s a 99% chance it’s Aspergilles or worst. You can do all the gut cleaning in the world but unless you kill the SOB in your nasal cavity you’ll have continuous reinnoculations. Nasal picks with sea salt and whatever else.
    It doesn’t take more the a few weeks to wipe this nonsense out. if it does then zoom out. Emotional trauma, mold sensitivities, not enough hobbys.

    1. Robbie says:

      I use a neti pot with premixed solution and grapefruit seed extract. I have been doing this for 6 months and still have the sinus fungus. Now I am having gut issues AGAIN. HORRIBLE BAD BREATH FROM BOTH SINUS AND GUT. HELP. ?

  12. Desiree says:

    To those of you interested, I am being treated for this by Dr. Elizabeth Boham, MD at the Ultrawellness Center in Lenox, MA. I live in the Philadelphia area. You go there once and then have a team dedicated to your wellness. It is expensive but it is a journey. When I think of all the money that I have spent over the past 10 years on other types of medicine and alternative treatments, it is worth it to me. I have had cancer twice and have been battling chronic sinus infections for 10 years. Ultrawellness Center practices Functional Medicine so I am being treated for fungus, low NK cell count, leaky gut, and high mercury and lead.

    1. nick birkholz says:

      do u have smell issues along with those problems? for some reason I smell like fecal matter and I’m pointing the finger at candida because I have a very itchy rectum when I eat sugar. But a lot of people candida in colon and don’t smell so I am little confused.

      1. Susan says:

        The itchiness comes from the sugar. I’ve experienced the same thing in the same place.

  13. Jan says:

    I like to use minced garlic, spread on a toasted and buttered English muffin and eaten just like that. It does taste “hot” initially but ends up being very soothing to my mouth and all the way down my digestive tract. Sometimes, instead of butter on the English muffin, I use mayonnaise. Raw garlic has worked so well for me over the years; my Candida “friends” are never happy when they see “the garlic on muffin” coming their way!

  14. Sam says:

    I was just recently diagnosed. I have had issues for several years (13 years to be exact). Many doctors misdiagnosing me. I dont blame them. Very weird symptoms (enlarged prostate to eating sugar and passing out with perfect blood sugar). It got to the point where I couldnt eat anything.

    I have started eating chicken broth, green beans, and rice (jasmine). Made me feel quite ill but never realized how long I’ve had a stomach ache and just blocked it. I am now drinking a protein drink (chocolate …yay…havent had chocolate for 6 years). I am starting to feel stronger but my current problem is the rashes/dry patches/hives like. Started on my feet and moved up my legs and all on my hands. Thought it was a allergic reaction (praying it wasnt the Also, doctor gave me L-Glutamine. Made a big difference in helping my stomach and digesting food.

    Found out it was the candida die off. My doctor is planning on giving me some kind of medicine next.

    That is where I am at now. Curious to see other people’s situation. I’ll keep you posted.

  15. DoYourResearch says:

    It’s interesting how none of these comments here mention “die-off” at all. Die-off is when you kill off a large amount of bacteria in the body, usually causing your body to react to the toxic remains of the dead bacteria. Your body has no way of eliminating these toxins without properly detoxing it. Your liver enzymes are increasing because you aren’t doing anything to help it detoxify. The symptoms you felt which brought you to take these medications will dramatically increase, causing you to think you are getting worse, when in fact you are going to get better. Yes, you need to listen to your own body and make sure that you are not overdoing it, but taking it slowly at first is a very simple rule that we should all follow when trying to treat something systemic like candida. If you try to kill it all at once, you will absolutely experience die-off and the classic Herxheimer reaction.

    1. Susan says:

      The itchiness comes from the sugar. I’ve experienced the same thing in the same place.

  16. Peggy Dee says:

    I’ve had Candida since I was 16, I’m now 63. It took me years to identify the infection.

    I feel you are doing a huge disservice to the point of being negligent allow people to believe your diet can MANAGE Candida.

    Candida Abliban is a pathagen whose only reason for existence is to break down matter and multiply. Killing it as soon as it is suspected is imperative because YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

    Up until just a few years ago doctors believed Candida was an in end of life problem that accommpamied people with 3rd and forth stage cancer, HIV, Diabetes Etc.

    New research in India (where children are now being born with the disease) are learning Candida is a fertile breeding ground for cancer of everykind as well as Type 2 Diabetes.

    If you believe you could possibly have Candida find a doctor to confirm and kill it. NOTHING … let me repeat … NO diet, NO homiopathic anything kills Candida except a full course of Dyflucan or Flucanizole.

    Anything else is just allowing the pathagen to multiply, spread and attack every system in your body.

    After the fungus is dead …dead …DEAD … Then employ homiopathic efforts to inhibit it’s ability to come back. Because it does come back every time you let your guard down.

    I am currently on my 4th day of 150 mg of Flucanizole. I am in such pain I am begging for die off. I had Bronchitis a month ago and took a week’s worth of antibiotic and steroids with out contacting my regular physician. I was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary to have Dyflucan but I was WRONG. Amonth later I am hating life until die off occurs.

    So read some of the newest research papers in the last 3 years to keep up on this ever evolving killer if you want to help people.

    1. Eric says:

      Oh my, Everybody has been through so much. In an odd way all these horrific stories cause me to feel hopeful. Misery loves company? The biggest issue here is that up until now, doctors training and understanding of Candida Albican infection are generally limited to gynecologic yeast, thrush,toe nail fungus or diaper rash that are stigmatized as nuisance conditions.
      I have suffered immeasurably for 12 years being misdiagnosed and at one point even given less than 12 months to live. Somehow I made it past 12 months so the doctors withdrew this diagnoses. In this time, I have been hospitalized and treated with intravenous steroids to shut down an uncertain “auto immune” condition. Literally, I almost died several times but have always painfully battled back.
      Here is the latest scientific discovery that will explain my story and likely most people posting on this site. This is going to change the way Candida Albicans is handled forever!
      Google- Candidalysin
      Google- T2Candida Panel
      The cat is out of the bag, Everyone spread the word because your “health problem” is now diagnosable and understood to be a truly diagnosable dangerous illness!
      They still have no reliable pharmaceutical solutions. So hang in there- treat yourself by your best understanding and hold your doctor to account!
      God Bless

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