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Using Ginger As An Antifungal

ginger tea

Throughout history, plants have been studied for their potential medical uses. These days, as pathogenic microorganisms become more and more resistant to antibiotics and prescription antifungals, there is a growing interest in utilizing their pharmaceutical properties. Ginger root is a perfect example, a plant that has many potential uses when it comes to treating Candida and many other conditions.

Ginger root refers to the underground stem of a plant native to Asia called Zingiber officinale. Its medicinal properties have been utilized for centuries by traditional cultures, but it is also used as a spice and as food. Since its discovery, the cultivation of ginger has spread to parts of Africa and the Caribbean and is now readily available all over the world.

Ginger And Candida

Traditional uses for ginger include motion sickness, nausea during pregnancy, chronic inflammation, and a low immune system. However, in recent years researchers have begun to investigate the use of ginger extract as an antifungal. In fact, several research studies have looked specifically at ginger’s effect on Candida albicans.

A study published in the Journal of Dental Sciences and Research attests to the potential benefits of ginger as an antifungal. The study was performed in vitro and used colonies of Candida albicans cultured in a laboratory. Several cultures were placed and inoculated on sterile filter plates and incubated at 37 degrees Celsius for 48 hours. The test was performed in order to see if three different concentrations of ginger powder (1g, 2g and 4g) dissolved in 99.9% pure ethanol had any impact on the fungal colonies. The same 99.9% ethanol solution without ginger powder was used as a control.

The effects of all the solutions were verified after 24 and 48 hours. All the solutions demonstrated the maximum inhibitory effect at the 24-hour mark. It was also evident that all three different concentrations of ginger powder had a more significant effect on the cultures than ethanol alone. The 4g (highest) concentration performed the best, as you would expect.

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Another in vitro study, published in the American Journal of Applied Sciences, looked at the effect of ginger extract vs. Nystatin, a prescription antifungal. Researchers found that, “The ginger extract was effective in inhibiting the growth of Candida albicans”. In this study, the inhibitory effect of the ginger extract was comparable to that of Nystatin.

Other studies reveal that ginger root contains several ingredients which have antifungal properties, with shagelol and gingerol being the most active. These studies and several others suggest that ginger can indeed be used as an antifungal medication. Further research is needed before ginger is turned into a pharmaceutical medication, but we can utilize the antifungal properties of ginger by simply consuming it in its natural form.

Ginger In Traditional Medicine

Ginger has long been used in traditional medicine to help with a variety of ailments. It’s not just for Candida overgrowth. In fact, ginger has been used for centuries to help with digestion, inflammation, immunity, and more.


A study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology discovered that ginger had some benefit when it came to treating nausea as the result of chemotherapy, seasickness and morning sickness. It compares favorably to over-the-counter motion sickness drugs like Dramamine. Other studies have found it to be effective in treating nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, and without the risk of birth defects associated with anti-vomiting medication. One study founds that 19 out of 27 pregnant women reported an improvement in their symptoms.


One of the primary uses for ginger in traditional medicine is in reducing inflammation. This is a benefit that is now well-supported by scientific literature. Ginger has been shown to both suppress a set of pro-inflammatory compounds named cytokines, and reduce the body’s production of a damaging free radical named peroxynitrite. In simple terms, this means that it can help reduce the effects of inflammatory diseases like arthritis and asthma.

Low Immune System

Ginger has been thought to boost the immune system for centuries, and recent research suggests that it may do so by activating important parts of the immune system named T-cells. Ginger is also thought to promote healthy sweating (although this doesn’t mean taking ginger will leave you drenched in sweat on a chilly day!). Human sweat contains a compound named dermicidin, which has been found to have inhibitory effects against Candida albicans and other pathogens.

How Should You Use Ginger?

There are lots of ways to incorporate ginger into your diet, but one of the easiest is to make a delicious ginger tea. Simply cut off around an inch of ginger root, chop it up into small pieces, and add it to boiling water. Add a squeeze of lemon juice for some flavor, along with a little stevia for sweetness if you need it.

You can also add ginger to your green juice recipes for an extra kick of flavor. It can be included in many Candida diet recipes for breakfast, main meals, and desserts. You can incorporate ginger into your diet by making dishes like coconut ginger clouds, Thai quinoa, and pumpkin seed butter bars, to mention just a few.

Ginger is perfectly safe for most people. It has been categorized by the US FDA as “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS). This means that it should not cause any serious side effects as long as it is consumed in reasonable quantities. Even so, possible side effects of ginger root include rashes, heartburn, belching, bloating, gas and nausea. It is not recommended that ginger be consumed by people who suffer from gallstones, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease or intestinal blockages, as it is possible to experience adverse reactions.

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  1. Judie Kopfman says:

    After months of antibiotics for various problems, severe Candida raised its ugly head in the form of rapid growth on my tongue and back of my throat. I have used Nystatin Swiss and Swallow to no avial, my Dentist even prescribed a Nystatin Cream to be rubbed on my tongue 3 x’s a day. Still no response. Today I have to see my primary care physician and try to get a referral to an ENT within my small town area of South Carolina. Presently my tongue is purple-brown down the center and pale white around the colored area. I also have some kind of nodules in my throat and down beyond my throat. I have ordered every thing possible to try to treat Candida from, but thus far in trying to buy the right foods and the supplements to help me, I am running out of money and only getting worse by the day. Will try to incorporate Ginger in my diet if I can find it in our local area.
    Judie Kopfman, Cheraw, SC

    1. Marcin says:

      Why don’t you try Lisa Richards’ programme then? I have been using it for about 40 days now and I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

    2. Deb says:

      HI Judie, Sorry to hear you’re suffering so much. I’ve had oral thrush from medicine I take and I gargle with hydrogen pyroxide. Takes it right away. I don’t know if this will help you but it won’t hurt to try…and it’s cheap! Also stop any sugar if you think it’s a fungal related problem. Sugar just feeds it like crazy. Good luck!

      1. Brian says:

        How much do you dilute the peroxide if at all ?

    3. carolyn says:

      Lugols iodine is the original cure for candida prescribed by dr c orian truss
      its cheap and you can get it online. his dose is on that web page for a moribund male.

    4. Hulz says:

      Have you tried Kolorex herbal tablets and also a good probiotic powder that you can add to water to drink three times a day and also sprinkle on your tongue after food. That worked for me.

    5. Faithjoy says:

      This is what I did to kill candida naturally I put grapefruit seed extract in water like 20 drops in grapefruit seed extract, and my ND gave me Intrinsa which I took 2 pills three times a day. I also drank water with baking soda a quarter teaspoon two to three times a day and I also drank a very small amount of ginger in water with ginger I was careful too much gives you headache. My doctor suggested that I take a VSL 3 probiotics and floraster I researched them they are one of the probiotics very effective. I signed up to get colonics. I mean this was a full time deal . I’m a gluten and dairy free vegetarian so I went on even a clean diet. No sugar no soy. I read of case where this person took organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil for a three days to kill candida, the coconut oil must be made from fresh coconuts apparently coconut pokes holes in the biofilm of and kills fungus . I ate coconut oil a small amount everyday.

    6. Basil says:

      I started blending coconut milk with Ceylon cinnamon and ginger in a blender and drinking that to give candida a run for its money. I hardly ever consume bread, and only like one slice, though it has been a few weeks. I eat very little rice, no sugar, no dessert, rarely have dairy (except maybe the occasional goat cheese), lots of vegetables, pau d’arco, coconut oil, Ceylon cinnamon. I also have a homeopath to help me shake it off. It’s also important to have probiotics incorporated. I do that sometimes, but I am in Asia. I don’t mind the kimchee and soy bean paste, but it has a lot of sugar and doing that too much is not my thing, but I do it a few times a week. I will shake this candida. The thrush is less than it was before. I feel for anyone with candida. It’s hard stuff to deal with.

      1. eric says:

        thank you for this it sounds great I am going to try it also. Hope everything is going well with your health.

    7. check your thyroid says:

      hi judie kopman

      you have a thyroid issue in the throat, treat that urgent

      for candida, eat raw garlic and ginger then do candida cleanse google it up

    8. Riley says:

      Do try consuming chopped raw garlic. Potent and economical.

    9. Sandy says:

      I start each day with a Jason Vale Ginger shot
      Also one at lunchtime then one before bed
      Absolutely amazing results

    10. Kim says:

      Have you tried not having Dairy, Sugar, Red Meat?? Cut all of these out and when juicing add thumb size bits of ginger this will wash over your tongue and throat and burn all of the candida in your mouth and tummy :)))) yes it is a massive amount of ginger bu you need it fresh and burny like this for it to be effective oh and of course you’re off of wheat & gluten I’m sure … xx

    11. Kandy says:

      Leaky gut! I swear I’ve been misdiagnosed by my doctor for 3 years with having almost EVERY side effect from Candida. I’ve been on ACV/lemon and coconut oil, pre/probiotics almost all of my symptoms are gone! I have 5 Candida welts on me that I’m nursing but I feel 100% better.

    12. Linda says:

      Avoid processed sugar as much as possible as candida grows and lives off sugar and processed white carbs.

    13. Alex says:

      Are you okay now, judy

    14. Golumpki says:

      You must ensure that you are eliminating adequately. There is no point trying to use anti-fungals, probiotics etc. On top of being backed up or even slightly constipated. Ginger can help move things along- take the tea twice a day and once you’re cleaned out add the antifingal. Worth a try.

  2. venessa says:

    Judie, I have battled yeast infections for a couple years now, also developed psoriasis on my elbows, & horrible aches & pains for months. I didn’t know until lots of research last fall that it’s most likely tied together. I cut out carbs, sugars, processed foods, only water & herbal tea to drink. I followed the candida guidlines, & in 5 days of being very strict on the diet I was pain free. My elbows are getting better, the weight started falling off. Lost 20lbs in 4 wks. It’s very hard to stick to it, but what a huge difference. Good Luck!!!!

  3. Bill Johnson says:

    It sounds like you have, what they call thrush, what I had after some courses of anti biotics for a cough which we thought was caused by a sinus infection but was made worse. I solved my problem with gargling with hydrogen peroxide ,which I do on a regular basis and trying to deal with the candida issue in every way I can I hope this has been helpful to you.

  4. Debra Mullins says:

    I had big problems with candida and finally managed to knock it on its head by using a combination of stuff. Purge tablets by Neways in conjunction with high dose probiotics from the same company, I also took Kolorex tablets (these can give you a bad tummy ache if you don’t eat with food). The kolorex was difficult to take but it was the turning point for me – there is also a kolorex tea you can take which would get to your throat area.

    1. Peggy says:

      Where can I purchase Kolorex tea besides online I don’t purchse on line:( Peggy

      1. I don’t understand why people don’t buy online. If you’re worried about your credit card info being stolen, then just purchase a Visa giftcard with a set amount on it. Or, you can use a Discovercard or Citicard (virtual account numbers). You create a temporary 16 digit credit card number that can only be used once and where a limit can be set.

  5. Kalina says:

    According to my experience to beat Candida, diet is ESSENTIAL! Only after a week on a strict diet I would feel 60-70% better without taking whatever medication. Without a diet any Candida treatment in the case of a chronic infection is doomed! Second very important think are probiotics – our organism is in symbiosis with them against candida. After years trying to combat candida via the means of the traditional medicine I understood that a whole treatment must be done so I turned towards natural medicine, homeopathy and diet. From the homeopatic medications there is one called `Monilia Albicans` – it’s smth similar to Candida Albicans as we could conclude by the name. Its function is to awaken and stimulate the immune system, which over the years started tolerating Candida Albicans and so no trditional medicine helps! I found Monilia Albicans very helpful! But whatever therapy you choose to try diet comes before it! And one last think – it is important to check your blood sugar in case it was not done because the permanent presence of candida might indicate a tendency to diabethes.
    I’m wishing you good luck and courage in the battle with candida – it is not always easy but there is always hope!

  6. Lonna says:

    Hi, I dealt with horrible breast/nipple pain while nursing for about the first 6 months. After trying everything (every kind of prescription that my dr would give-nystatin included 2x), I went to a holistic md. She gave me a cream (Newman blend-can be looked up online) and followed the candida diet. It was difficult, but FINALLY it went away!!!! I’ve now been off of the diet, but have a feeling that my energy would greatly improve if I got back on it.

    1. Bonnie U says:

      As a mom of six breastfed children, I experienced the yeast infected breasts more than once. One thing you must keep in mind is that the baby may have been infected with yeast (thrush) as well; Treat mom AND baby or you will likely pass the infection back and forth…Been there, done that! There is nothing fun about nursing your little one with sore nipples:( There was this dark purple stuff, can’t remember the exact name, but it was something like ginshun? Violet… Worked wonder! A little messy, but miraculous and homeopathic.

  7. Bev says:

    I’ve been battling BV since I had my twins through invitro. I’m hoping to rid my body candida in hopes that will cure the BV. Has anyone one else had success getting rid of BV by following the candida guidelines?

    1. maryjane brinker says:

      Bev, you need antibiotics for BV, take them right away as that kind of bacteria is harmful and will migrate up your reproductive tract, it’s not a fungus like candida is and antibiotics are absolutely necessary

    2. ruth m says:


      You absolutely do NOT need an antibiotic to treat BV. After battling it for 2 years I learned this the hard way. You do need to completely cut out sugar and more importantly start eating huge amounts of dark green veggies. Besides this you need to take probiotics everyday forever. Buy the refrigerated lactobacillus. BV is all about PH balance so start reading all you can to understand it and buy some strips to test your saliva/urine each day. Learn about alkaline vs acidity. Eat higher alkaline foods. Lastly, you have to douche with 50/50 (3% hydrogen peroxide) & distilled water 3 times a day for several days. First use the hp and then rinse with distilled water. I do it 3 x’s with a little syringe and then insert acidophilus capsules opened vaginally immediately after.You can use a small amount of distilled water to make pastey or plain yogurt. Also have some Apple cider vinegar (Raw-with the mother) each day. BV and yeast are totally different but diet helps both.

      1. Anna says:

        Douching can push bv higher in reproductive and bv is considered Std unlike candida.Bv can cause serious reproductive damage.I suggest antibiotics+ garlic/ ginger/ probiotic and carbohydrates free diet for 4 weeks.It helped me

    3. momof3 says:

      After the birth of fist baby I was given antibiotics for BV! Years into that I continued to take antibiotics until end of 2011 I began researching antibiotics and realized my itch is getting worse because the antibiotics killed all my Good bacteria when in fact I had yeast related problems! Stupid doctors basically ruined my life! Now here I am in a life and death battle with this chronic itch=(

    4. Brenda says:

      It’s been nearly a year so I pray that the bv is cured. my doctor was unable to cure my bv, so I ordered L rhamnous and used it to seed my vagina. Locally I found a product with the prabiotic that was designed for infants, Gerber Sooth, but at $29 a bottle, it was cheaper to order a $99 container of the probiotic online. Interestingly the same probiotic was tested in mice to see if the presence of the probiotic would treat depression. L rhamnous in the mouse study increased their intestines ability to produce gaba. Best regards

  8. Jess Kinghorn says:

    Thank you! This article had just the information I was looking for. This offers me a great way to combat the possibility of thrush while not detoxing (since I’m breastfeeding). Thanks again-pain during breastfeeding is so frustrating … I appreciate an article that offers us options on things we can do to help ourselves keep breastfeeding!

  9. Peggy says:

    One of the most important things I have found being on a Candida diet to rid it is that when you have your sugar cravings that you will have because I have cut out 99% of sugar literally (I cheated one day and paid the price haha) is taht if you eat a egg (preferabley organice so it is GMO free) if you take a egg with VIT C it will ussually kill the craving post with. Works great pray this helps. God bless

  10. Nancy says:

    Brown Lysterine has thymol. It is helping me with my thrush as well as following the diet. I hold it in my mouth for 30 seconds. It working in degrees. I can see more pink than white.

  11. Lena says:

    In the beating of Candida it’s important to take extra calcium-magnesium, b-vitamin and of course probiotics…drink water with a lot of lemon, add ginger, garlic, cayennepepper, to food whenever you can!
    And also to rotate your diet.
    the name of the solution for sore nipples is gentianaviolet-solution! God bless you all and good luck!

  12. susan says:

    I’ve been on a strict Candia free diet .I make my own ginger tea with water ,ginger ,lemon . I have also found using Apple cider vinager with the mother and sauerkraut it must be made with fermentation Iv found the brand Valask works great.Iv lost 45 pounds .Then I slipped but to my old ways I’ve developed skin rash and bowl troubles and yeast infections. So back to my No Sugar No Flour diet.

  13. Marie C says:

    At one point, I noticed severe itching of vagina. I attributed that to excess douching and dairy intake. I tried honey, it worked sparringly. Out of frustration, I rubbed ginger there and stopped!Magic!! Tomorrow I ll get more ginger, garlic and lemon!!!

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