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    Hi All,

    So, I am currently using “the bible” from Linda Allen – Yeast Infection No More (YINM). Its really great, has a heap of good information, and largely aligns with most of what is discussed in the forums on this site.

    But there are some discrepancies, one of which is the use of eggs. YINM puts them on the sinners list, well, the whites at least – it says they are naturally binding elements (like in a cake) which can compromise digestion, and that the proteins, when entering the blood stream, cause immune reactions which trigger allergic reactions.

    Any thoughts on this? I see many recipes that include (organic) eggs, so I trust that most people see them as ok?

    On a slightly related topic, it also says to limit grains where possible, mainly to twice per day. The problem is I have lost a lot of weight (I was already slim to begin with, dropped from 155 to 140), so am looking for some foods which can help to stop the weight loss – most of my calories are coming from brown rice/quinoa/millet, and almonds. Any other ideas? Ill be starting to bake my own coconut bread shortly, which should help, but again, that has eggs.



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    What’s that “binding” idea based on? Is there a reference in the book? Raw egg protein can bind biotin and iron and slow the digestion of other proteins. Cooking them solves this problem (although I’d consider the iron binding an advantage for many). All proteins, including every other food you mentioned, but especially coconut, are potentially allergenic, and it’s no argument for avoiding a food unless it specifically gives you a reaction. It’s worth pointing out that they don’t get into the bloodstream unless there’s a problem with the intestinal brush barrier. This is likely why formula-fed babies or children who receive antibiotics at an early age have an increased incidence of allergies. It’s also worth mentioning that plant proteins come with a number of drawbacks like phytates and phytoestrogens, and need to be prepared thoroughly and ideally rotated.

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