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    I have completed my third week of candida treatment. First, I started with cleansing and then moved on to the candida diet. On the second week, I started using Diflucan, oregano oil capsules (3 capsules per day) and olive leaf extract (2 capsules per day) together with milk thistle (2 capsules per day). I take vitamin C twice daily in powdered form and drink a lot of water more than 2 litres a day, liver flush and bentonite clay drinks. In the first two weeks, first I felt some relief and then it was followed by some mild die-off symptoms (flu, slightly swollen glands, body itchiness, acne, but fatigue disappeared). Since the beginning of my third week, die-off symptoms were disappearing. Yet, I ate macadamia nuts in the middle of my third. Indeed, I ate a lot because I was craving for some snacks and I feel that my symptoms has gotten worse since then, particularly my acne and constipation got worse. The fatigue and ache also came back. I stopped eating them all together now, but I was wondering if it is possible to have die-off symptoms when we consume food that is not really agreeing with our body? If it does, does that mean that I am starting the treatment all over again? Also, for the most severe candida cases, for how long would die off last? I am trying to understand for how long I
    should wait to decide whether the treatment is working or not. I am sorry for a lot of questions, but I really want to make sure that my efforts are not being wasted.

    Thanks in advance for taking your time to read my long question!


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    I’ve been on my diet over 2 months, one of the things I was told is to avoid ALL the nuts because they contain mould. Only almonds are ok after you roast them (what should get rid of the mould) but I’m struggling like you after making a diet mistake as well so can’t help that much apart from telling you about nuts (and soy!) 🙂
    Hope you get better soon!


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    I still get die-off 6 years into this, so its completely normal to get it long term.

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