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    Hi everyone!
    I’m looking for confirmation that this diet will help my issues. My problems started around november when my stomach started making weird noises in class (not hunger noises). The issues were getting worse and worse and eventually I was bloated, feeling ill all the time& it felt like whenever I ate I was being poisoned. This has caused me huge anxiety, I now avoid any quiet situations as much as possible, even normal things like sleepovers, getting in someone’s car, etc. I basically never leave the house unless it’s necessary. I was also suspended from school due to skipping assembly, which is the absolute worst as I have to sit in a huge room with my whole year and listen to one person talking. After being forced to attend I had a panic attack where I couldn’t stop gagging, but it’s a little better now as I’m allowed to sit at the front next to the door and can leave if necessary. I also don’t eat or drink during the day before a quiet situation which helps. This all has hugely affected my life as I’m very close to dropping out of school (I am sure I’ll end up leaving during an exam due to the quiet) and have now decided to not attend university as I know I wouldn’t be able to handle the lectures.

    This diet really worries me because of how strict it is. Before all these problems I had a really bad diet, I only ever ate carbs and dairy – cheese sandwiches, noodles, crisps, etc were my snacks – and I have a very limited diet, I can’t stand the taste of most foods (especially vegetables, the only ones I eat are beans, peas, lettuce and cucumber but I leave it most the time). The only things I eat in the candida diet is chicken, turkey, lettuce and cucumber. I tried avocado yesterday and the taste made me gag. I’m 17 but still have the tastebuds of a child, I eat from kid’s menus at restaurants (and always chicken and chips), food is very enjoyable but only the things I like, which is all the stuff banned from the candida diet, and generally unhealthy overall. However I never considered how this affected me since I am no where near overweight, if anything I’d be considered closer to underweight as I’m quite thin.

    I’m worried that this diet won’t work, since I’ve barely seen anyone say that it has gotten rid of their candida overgrowth (even with probiotics and other medication), and even if they have it comes back as soon as they eat something they shouldn’t. At the moment my main joy in life (as sad as this sounds) is lying in bed at 1-2am having a snack and watching videos. Now I can’t snack it’s incredibly depressing. Over the past few months my self harm has come back, suicidal thoughts are more frequent, I just want to be normal without having stupid digestive issues or having to stick to diets when others have similar diets to me but are fine. The doctor diagnosed me as having mild IBS, but there were no tests or anything and that’s basically their go-to diagnosis for everything. I have some beta blockers for anxiety but they don’t do much. I’ll be seeing a therapist for the first time in a week (for the anxiety about stomach noises) but I’m worried they’ll just tell me I’m being a hormonal teenager and there’s nothing really wrong, plus I have no idea what I’m supposed to say since I’m easily embarrassed.

    Do you guys think this is candida? These issues stopped being quite as bad since January but the noises have started to come back, and I notice that I get a white tongue when it happens. If it is candida, is there any way to get rid of it without this incredibly strict diet? If I just ate a balanced diet and probiotics would it at least improve? For example a if I ate a chicken salad for dinner could I have noodles as a snack? Or will things never change if I do that?

    Thank you if you read this far!


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    I don’t know. You’ll have to experiment. Let us know how it goes …


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    There are two western ways you can better without doing the diet strictly, they involve taking the candida immune hypo-sensitization allergy shots and taking prescription antifungal drugs. The only problem with the allergy shots is they are hard to get via the medical system and involve diagnosis with an allergist (you have to be allergic to candida). The antifungal drugs typically only have about 50% effectiveness.

    As far as diagnosis, no one here is going to diagnose you but the top two symptoms are oral thrush and rectal itching.

    A good alternative naturopathic doctor likely can address your digestive problems and put you on plan to get better. You likely need digestive aids to help break down the food you eat.

    As far as foods on diet, this is where you turn things around and discover a whole new world of food out there that is healthier. For instance, gluten free teff bread is great for the diet and tastes just about as good as regular bread if you are willing to cook or if you have local gluten free bakery. Buckwheat is a very flexible grain you can use for cooking; it can be used as flour for baking and as a grain for meals (similar to rice). You could get something like a nutribullet and start making kale, chard, cabbage, nut, celery, carrot, strawberry smoothies which may not taste that great but this will allow you to obtain nutrition in a form that you can drink pretty quickly (just guzzle it and then you won’t worry about flavor very long). Remember the food you eat is the reason you got here in the first place so you can turn things around just by eating better.

    You could be deficient in stomach acid and thus are not breaking down the food you eat which benefits the yeast, so this by itself could turn around your stomach problems and prevent the gurgling noise.


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