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    hey guys, i came across this today, well worth a read i think, make of it what you will but personally i will still be drinking tea/coffee.



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    Hello, Ben.

    I think I know how you feel about coffee, I was certainly the same way, that is, until I did some indepth research as to why so many ‘experts’ were saying leave it alone.

    Quote from article you posted: “… just like caffeine energizes us, it in turn energizes yeast cells. This is fiction because Candida feeds on sugars…”

    Actually the entire statement is fiction. Caffeine doesn’t have the ability to energize the human body, what it does is provide a chemical stimulation just like any other drug. And like other drugs, caffeine’s initial effect is followed by a letdown, which of course leads to fatigue and lethargy. Of course, at the time, we’re not aware that this is what’s happening; we see it simply as a need for more caffeine.

    Coffee itself contains a list of chemicals which include the toxic compound we know as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. These are the very same cancer-causing agents which are the emissions from charcoal grilled meat. This means that the human body has to detoxify coffee by way of the liver, putting yet another strain on the already overworked liver stemming from the Candida infestation.

    Plants use caffeine as a pesticide; it’s literally a biological poison.

    Research has proven that caffeine increases a secretion of several stress hormones. This is not a natural reaction to ‘food’ or to anything of a nutritious nature. At the same time, caffeine reduces our favorite calming neurotransmitter, serotonin. This is another reason why most people can’t sleep while on a caffeine high.
    Drinking caffeine throughout the day can and does cause adrenal exhaustion. The adrenals are already under pressure from the Candida infestation, and this only adds to the burden.

    When you feel that so called energy from caffeine, what you’re actually experiencing is the ancient fight-or-flight response of your body caused by a stimulation of your central nervous system. That’s why the stress hormones are released, your body is now in a reaction-to-fear mode and is preparing to flee or stand and fight, thus the increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, and increased heart rate.



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    I had read that article awhile back. I go to that site on occasion because it helps me clarify some of the confusing foods. Like, why potatos, and coffee/tea might be allowed on some candida diets and not others.
    Again, with the questionable foods, I figure why risk it? There are other ways to get antioxidants without caffeine. Also, trust me, I LOVE coffee and tea. For me it also allows me to better gauge when I’m truly tired versus when it’s a caffeine crash.


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    yeah i can see both points, but im sure one cup of unsweetened tea in the morning isnt gonna put a massive strain on your system plus i see it as my little daily treat and look forward to it as have nothing else left to enjoy apart from my plain natural yogurt which is sour which is a welcome break from just savoury meat and veg 24/7


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