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    Hi there, thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post. If it’s too long for ya, just skip to my diet at the end 😉

    The reason I’m on the diet is because my Prostate specialist prescribed New Roots “CandidaStop” to me for a possible fungal infection, and told me no sugar, no alcohol and no “whites” (bread, pasta,etc). I figured I should do the full show, so I decided to go on the actual Candida diet.

    I’ve had an enlarged and murky prostate off and on in the past 6 months.
    For the last 3 years, I’ve had STD-like symptoms (tested negative, I’m not very active) in my nether region, such as burning while urinating or after ejaculating (sorry – figured I could go all out with you guys), an urge to urinate when I don’t need to, sensitive head and urethra, as well as almost a vibration/buzzing down there (no discharge, though). It sucks.
    My Prostate guy has put me on a sequence of antibiotics, supplements, antifungals, etc for the past year to no avail.
    Drugs such as Doxycycline and Fluconazole.
    Supplements such as Proactive Prostate care, Allimax, Florastor, Cranberry pills, and others I can’t remember.
    So, most recently he told me to use CandidaStop and cut foods out of my diet.

    I’ve been on the Candida diet for week and a half. I didn’t do the initial cleanse because I actually need to function during the day. Green veggies and supplements alone are not enough to keep me going, by any means. I could do it for a day, maybe, but not 1-2 weeks.

    My diet:
    Prior to going on the Candida diet I was eating very healthy. The only sugar I’d ingest was from berries, a little cheese and some red peppers, tomatoes and sweet potato. I only ate whole grain bread and brown rice pasta or quinoa as opposed to any ‘white’ alternatives. I ate a ton of green veggies and onion/garlic.
    I never drank alcohol. Very rarely, if anything.

    I’ve been on the candida diet for roughly 1.5 weeks.

    My current diet consists of this – nothing more, nothing less:

    Wake – tall glass of warm (boiled) water with lemon, 1 tbsp of Liberte Kefir (5 billion cultures per tbsp), tsp of organic fresh-pressed virgin Coconut oil (whole kernal unrefined)
    Breakfast – 2 eggs, 4 egg whites, kale and onion with olive oil.
    Snack – Almonds, slightly pan fried to kill mould.
    Lunch – Chicken breast/tilapia/tuna with kale/broccoli/asparagus/spinach
    In-between – 1 tbsp of Kefir
    Snack – Broccoli or almonds or kale chips (I don’t know how to snack anymore)
    Dinner – Chicken breast/fresh cut beef/tilapia with kale/broccoli/asparagus/spinach and rutabaga (usually cubed and oven baked in olive oil)
    Snack (if any) – Broccoli or almonds or kale chips

    Herbs/spices/oils used in cooking: fresh garlic, pepper, sea salt, oregano, basil, cayenne pepper, extra virgin olive oil, organic fresh-pressed virgin Coconut oil

    NOTES: The chicken to beef/fish ratio is about 3:1, rutabaga is only in there because I crave a carb and every forum is telling me it’s antifungal properties outweigh everything else

    CandidaStop (New Roots) – 2 pills with meal, 3 times a day
    Triphala (Organic India) – 1 pill in morning
    Vitamin D (Health Balance) – 1000 IU in morning
    Immunity (Organic India) – 1 pill in the morning (for the liver)
    Diatomaceous Earth – 1 tsp in morning
    Omega 3 (NOW Foods) – 1000mg twice a day
    Ashwagandha 400mg (Organic India) – once in a while, 4 pills a week maybe
    100% Natural New Zealand Whey Isolate (Ergogenics Nutrition) – after exercise, 4 times a week tops. Has a bit of cocoa and stevia in it (they didn’t have ‘natural’ flavour). Is this a bad idea??

    Should I be avoiding taking some supplements at the same time, such as candida stop and the immunity or kefir?
    Should I even be taking kefir, because of the lactose and yeast? Or should I be using a probiotic supplement?
    Diatomaceous Earth is something my friend got me on. I’d love to know your thoughts on it.

    How I feel:
    I’m tired, have achy legs/knees and my joints are stiffer than usual. I get brain fog occasionally and I lack energy. I crave carbs, that’s for damn sure.
    I guess that’s normal for the diet, but I don’t feel any really intense die-off.
    I’m constipated and have very sticky bowels right now (see this thread: http://www.thecandidadiet.com/forum/yaf_postst7018_Why-I-m-on-the-Candida-diet—prostate-and-urethra-issues—is-my-diet-good-enough.aspx). I’m assuming this is because of the toxin cleaning going on.

    No symptoms pertaining my prostate and fella are diminishing, but hopefully I see some progress soon.

    Any insight, info or suggestions about anything I’ve written here would be greatly appreciated.
    And thanks for reading!


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    Sounds like I’m eating too much protein, hence the sticky stool. I honestly don’t know how else to stay full. I just cannot gorge myself on green veggies. I won’t be able to function.


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    Have you thought about soaking and dehydrating your nuts? The soaking makes them easier to digest and the dehydrating may kill some mold. Most people on this forum don’t eat nuts. I just soaked some and dehydrated them because I was going to make fermented almond butter but I may not get to that stage because the nuts are so good. Here’s a link to a recipe for soaked nuts:

    It doesn’t matter too much what your diet was like before you started the candida diet. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s the combo of the diet, antifungals and probiotics that will be the quickest rout to your recovery. No matter how good your diet was before the protocol it’s not even going to put a dent in your situation if you don’t do all 3 of those things together.

    Also, plan on feeling worse before you feel better.

    good luck!


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    Some of your symptoms are completely natural and are not related to candida. Burning while urinating or after ejaculating is completely normal from my experience. Some semen remains within the penis after you ejaculate and the urine is acidic and thus it reacts to the alkaline semen. I’ve noticed the longer you wait to urinate the less burn you will feel.

    The urge to urinate is also not completely related to candida but more related to the liver and kidneys.

    There is a chance you have candida in your kidneys if you have more extreme symptoms than what you have described…a good naturopath can address this specifically.

    I would not eat beef at all while on the diet because it takes 2+ days to digest while chicken and fish take hours to digest. You need to avoid food fermenting in the gut as much as possible…

    The candidastop is nothing more than a multi-antifungal product. This is a reason not to take multi-antifungal products:

    I would be very careful with whey and introduce this at a seperate time than the diet.

    I would take both kefir and a probiotic.

    Diatomaceous Earth is a good antifunal for parasites and yeast.

    You need something way better to protect your liver and kidneys from the die-off toxins and for detoxing the toxins from the body:




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    Wow! I had no idea prostate related issues could be from candida…Not to hi-jack your thread at all but more just to comment; I have had frequent urination issues for years and have always declined the ABs the urologist prescribes because I know how bad they are for you…recently I have begun having pain behind the scrotal area which is new and certainly scary. I see a top urologist in the country next week for a second opinion and hope there is an option other than drugs like Flowmax, which have potentially scary bad side effects (like complete loss of erections) which is not an option lol. I also notice that I hold all of my tension in that area and frequently tense there first and have to make a concerted conscious effort to relax. I wonder how much of this is related to candida and if simply clearing it in the gut will also clear it there? Good luck to you and I will be interested in hearing anything else that comes from this thread.

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