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    I’ve seen these recommended and have read in posts they are low in sugar.

    However my research shows them to contain 10-15g sugar and ‘A large portion of the calories in this food come from sugars,’ {http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/fruits-and-fruit-juices/1851/2}.

    I wonder if blueberries refers to another berry in America then it does in England? Other berries appear to have substantially less sugar.
    blackberries 7g, elderberries 0g, [how?] blackcurrants 0g [?], tomatoes 2.6g, pumpkins 2.76g

    So to sate my curiosity and the strict diet aside, despite the fact i’m following it religiously i’m wondering the following:

    What are the pros and cons of the zero sugar berries listed? Also the pros and cons of raw tomato [added in the second half of the strict diet anyway], pumpkin [cooked and/or raw and recommended to me recently by Raster], also any others i should consider.

    Why do people favour granny smith apples when all apples appear to contain essentially the same amount of sugar?

    I’m curious about eating courgettes but not other squashes. Also any other foods I should research as suggested in Able’s strict diet [the section entitled ‘making/designing a candida diet’ which gives advice on how to consider these things.]

    I guess i’m trying to educate myself and diversify my diet on Rasters advice, unfortunately i haven’t been adding foods as i should.

    Thankyou all this could make for a very interesting discussion.

    Lets keep the discussions free of any strict forum diet criticism please, like i said this is just a learning exercise for me and i have had success and have faith in Ables diet so far.


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    eskimo_pup;47448 wrote: What are the pros and cons of the zero sugar berries listed? Also the pros and cons of raw tomato [added in the second half of the strict diet anyway], pumpkin [cooked and/or raw and recommended to me recently by Raster], also any others i should consider.

    Hello, Ep.

    Raster didn’t follow the strict diet precisely as I designed it, and in fact used to disagree with it fairly often. I suppose he is still doing this since he often recommends food items that are not on the strict diet to members of the forum.

    To answer your concern above, I don’t recommend blueberries or any form of pumpkin or the seeds at all during the first stage of the diet. The reason for these two being omitted from the diet is the same reason that a lot of otherwise healthy food choices are not on the diet; that being, I was lucky enough to have the sort of infestation that responded to any negative food within one to two hours after ingesting the food in question. So with this in mind, I experimented with dozens of questionable foods myself and, in part, made the decisions based on the reactions from my body which often included the degree of an increase in the severity or number of Candida symptoms. Before I made a final decision about a particular food, I would research it thoroughly in an attempt to learn why I received the specific reaction.

    As I’ve stated dozens of times, anyone can conduct their own experiments and do the same as I did if they so choose.

    Tomatoes are offered as a test food in the second stage of the diet because, one, I was able to reintroduce them into my own diet once I started the second stage, and two, because they’re an excellent antioxidant and nutritious food source containing a healthy dose of lycopene, vitamins A, C, K, folate, potassium, several B vitamins, and fiber, and three, because they’re a welcome change to an otherwise somewhat bland and boring diet.

    Be well.


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    Blueberries can be a very beneficial food item in your diet. They are highly anti-inflammatory and have a lot vitamins and anti-oxidants. About 15-25 blueberries is less than 10g of sugar.

    One of the problems with fruit is that it molds and this can benefit the candida. Be sure to eat fresh produce.


    I’d also recommend that you check out rutabega (aka swede) and this can be prepared in a variety of ways. Rutabega has a lot of benefits and is highly anti-inflammatory.

    Pumpkin is also anti-inflammatory and can help remove toxins from the body. Here’s a good post about it:

    How long have you been on stage 1 eskimo?



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    get them locally when they are in season and you should be able to avoid the mould issue but if you go for those that have traveled afar there is a chance that they will be spoiled and remember that they although they taste so good to limit your intake, it’s very easy to get carried away.

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