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    This is for Able and/or Raster…

    I’ve been on the strict ‘ALLOWED FOODS LIST’ diet for about 2 months now (no cheating) and I’ve only just received my first batch of supplements in the mail (after finally being able to afford them)… those being:

    1) Molybdenum
    2) Thorne Formula SF722 – Undeceonic Acid
    3) Flora Swedish Bitters (Alcohol Free)

    I bought these 3 to start with, as you have recommended they are the most important in healing from my Candida infestation, Leaky Gut Syndrome and Adrenal Fatigue.

    For my probiotics I’ll be buying a Kefir Starter Kit in the next week… and other (less-important) supplements as I can afford them.

    I know the basics of what each of these supplements do for eliminating Candida, just not sure of when and how I should be taking them.

    – Can I start taking all 3 from today? or should I introduce them one at a time?
    – When should I be taking these supplements? ie. What time in the day?
    – How many times a day for each?
    – With or without a meal? Before or after?

    Basically, what’s the best way to take these 3 supplements I have so far to get the best benefit in destroying this wretched Candida?

    Thanks guys!


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    I take SF722 with every meal; 2 capsules per meal. You might want to start out at 2 a day and then move up to 6 a day. I wouldn’t go any higher in the amount you take per day.

    I believe you can take the bitters with every meal as well. Able has instructions on the molybdenum and bitters.


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