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    I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on wheatgrass? I am following the detox now and will be following Able’s strict diet soon (can’t remember if wheatgrass is listed or not), and was just wondering what are peoples’ thoughts on it?

    Here’s my story of wheatgrass….

    We actually grow our own. We use top soil and (here’s the possibly bad part) mushroom compost to grow the sprouts. Now, wheatgrass, no matter what you do with it, always ends up getting white mold on it. It’s just a given. Now, considering the fact that we use mushroom compost and it develops mold on the soil at times, do you think this is definitely something to steer clear from?

    I used to take a shot of wheatgrass every day before I’d have my green juice in the morning. But there were a few times I threw it up afterwards, so I stopped taking it. I assumed it had to do with the mold and my body just wasn’t having anything to do with the juice. I read that wheatgrass can come off so detoxifying to some people that they may throw it up and have allergic-type reactions. However, then I read that wheatgrass *is* toxic, and you’re better off just juicing kale and drinking that.

    My friend still drinks it. He has Type II diabetes and he swears it helps to keep his sugar under control (he doesn’t take medication and controls his blood sugar via a mostly vegan diet and exercise). So if it’s good for him, I’m just wondering if it was truly bad for me, or it was my Candida going into shock and reacting violently to the cleansing chlorophyll?


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    I wouldn’t touch wheat grass on the diet. I drank some that was in an odwalla a few weeks ago as a cheat item and regretted it in a major way. It prevented my body from the ability to process liquids vs. solids and lets just say that it was a miserable few days.

    Keep in mind I am 2 years into the diet and did consume wheat grass occasionally before the diet but will never again I think…



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    I haven’t ever had problems in the past with wheatgrass in drinks (like Odwalla, etc), but I haven’t had any since I started the diet. I just started getting sprouts though, from the farmer’s market, which have been awesome! I got sunflowers and pea shoots, and have had no problems from them. I just eat the stalks, not the seeds, and those ones don’t get the mold on them like radish, clover, etc. do.

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