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    I have had chronic Candida for years and through researching I have come to the conclusion that i should remove my 6 mercury fillings. Removing them is pretty expensive so it will probably take a while, so in the meantime I wonder what I should do. There are many conflicting ideas about the relationship between mercury and Candida. Some say that Candida actually acts as a defense against mercury poisoning. If this is the case wouldn’t it be a good idea to avoid killing off Candida until the mercury is removed? When I take anything that is known to cause Candida die off I feel symptoms similar to that of mercury poisoning (brain fog, depression, crying for no reason) however, these symptoms are almost to identical to regular candida die off symptoms. Very confusing, but maybe someone know something about this and could share advice.



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    You can do chelation therapy, but you should do it under the supervision of someone who knows what they’re doing.

    For the removal, make sure you find a dentist trained in the proper technique. They should be pulling all the vapors out of your mouth during the removal process.

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