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    So I’ve had candida for over a decade now, and recently the insomnia has kicked in (it’s 5am and i’ve already been up for two hours) and I’d really like to get rid of it. Thing is, I am bombarding myself with different diet/detox ideas and getting really confused!
    Basically: has The Candida Diet worked for anyone out there? Does it clear up itchiness, rashes (tinea versicolor, eczema, etc), digestive problems, mental health problems, sexual problems?

    I tried the strict detox (detox drink/liver flush/veggie broth) for a day… Was so exhausted I could barely move and didn’t feel like myself, plus I could only jam down half the liver flush because it’s so disgusting… So I ate something (baba ganoush, which I later learned I definitely cannot eat on the candida diet, and onions/garlic/chard cooked in evoo) and now the insomnia and itching are back! UGH! I tried to combat itching with seaweed (nori, shredded) which eventually helped me sleep but now I am up and angry.
    Please, I am begging for a cure.

    Does this diet work?


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    vershen wrote: Does this diet work?

    Testimonies of Success

    Read the above link and let me know if you’re interested in more details, I’ll send you some information.


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