What Milk?

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    Is almond milk (or coconut milk) the only milk allowed?

    Most of the store ones have other crap in them… I don’t want to have to make my own almond milk every time I have some oat bran…

    Any advice appreciated 🙂


    Vegan Catlady
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    I do So Delicious coconut milk in my smoothies.
    I believe its fighting my candida because I feel better for having it.
    Double-duty milk 🙂


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    Its not on my list…almonds contain mold. If you make it at home, it’ll be fresh. You’ll have to soak the almonds overnight (which removes the molds), blend it up in blender, and strain out the almonds. The stuff at the store contains additives and is not fresh and they likely didn’t soak the almonds before processing them.



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    Vegan Catlady thanks but I looked up So Delicious coconut milk and it has things like cane syrup and guar gum which feed Candida. 🙁

    Raster- thanks. Guess it’s almonds for me today.

    The other option is organic non gmo Soya milk, but no-one seems to have opinions on this…

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