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    Im asking this question, because haven’t been working since my studies, where I got sick with candida and leaky gut syndrom, and I haven’t done anything really for the past 4 years. Trying to get better without succeeding, and now I’m wondering what to do.

    My health is better than before, but I don’t want to put myself at risk for getting worse. I don’t think I can use the education that I have at this point, and now I’m wondering what I could do (in therms of work or education) That’s why I would love to know for those of you who are also struggling with Candida or other deceases. Do you work? what’s you occupation? and how is that working for you?

    I’m going to a occupation psychologist next week, but I’d love to get some insight from people in the same situation as me, to keep things realistic as well.

    Thanks 🙂


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    In terms of candida and work, no matter what you do for living, most likely you will have stress involved which is bad for you and it doesn’t help with getting rid of candida. Since there is slight chance stress will not be part of anything you decide to do, I suggest you first invest into some good stress reducing techniques which you like, such as exercise, yoga, meditation and such. Find out what works for you and use it, get used to it before the actual stress and you should be fine.

    Finding the work that you like and are compatible with helps reduce the stress and I think it’s good that you are going to occupation psychologist. My friend wanted to change careers thinking he is not happy at his current job, although we all tried to tell him he is perfect for it. Occupational therapist confirmed that this is the best job for him hahahaha…


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    Thanks for replying, and I think you’re right about finding stress reducing techniques, it is better to learn how to handle stress than to try to avoid it at all costs 😉 I will look more into this..


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    I recommend mindfulness for stress management. It consists of a few simple principles that help you understand the processes going on in your head. It takes a bit of practice, but it’s really very simple at its core. If you can learn to sense when you’re experiencing a physiological stress response, you can easily intervene and cut it short – this is what makes the real difference to your health. No more unnecessary muscle tension, digestive disruption, hormone floods that take hours to be cleared from your system etc.

    You don’t even need to practise sitting meditation, but this really helps you take things to a whole new level and your ability to concentrate goes through the roof. You only need to do a quick search on a science site to see the plethora of documented cognitive and health benefits of meditation.

    I used to flip out at my computer (and every other insignificant little thing) all the time, and spend hours worrying and catastrophising about nothing, but now the thought of doing so seems ridiculous. I’m much better at problem solving and thinking in general as a result, so I’m hoping I can overcome my problems this year and get back into programming, where those skills will be very useful. The only problem is convincing other people about these ideas when I see them reacting in the same mindless way I used to do, but that’s not my problem, right?


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    Nope, no work, no study. Just dealing with my poor health all day. Got a psychologist to help me out on some matters but a job hunt for me turned out pointless as i am found 50% incapable to work (dont know the correct english term), and jobs arent easy to come by these days. Not that I could work, as im still in a health rollercoaster. So yeah basically not much positive things in a day, which makes me abuse food on occasion, which all dont help my progress.

    I used to meditate and stuff, and Javizy is right on the mindfulness; that stuff is life changing. But I cant find the peace for it these days. In time probably, when I have more energy.


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    I’m studying and just got a job at Greenpeace as a “facer” on Sundays 🙂

    I’m happy with it although it can be a little hard sometimes. I hope the job will go well but if it becomes too difficult / hard I will need to quit it again..


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    I’m a college student taking online classes. This crap is stressful but you need something to keep you occupied. I would go crazy if it wasn’t for school.


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    thanks once again 🙂 yes I think it’s important to be occupied if you can. I’ve been sitting at home doing nothing for too long, and it doesn’t make me feel good. Which again I don’t think is good for my health. So I’m at least going to try 🙂 I will look into mindfulness as well, Thanks.


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    I’m an IT Manager and just about getting by right now.

    I do a lot of running and sauna sessions to ensure I can get out of bed.

    It’s tough, but with the advise I get on here I keep working towards a recovery.

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