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    I just joined the forum:

    What antifungal treatments are you using to restore your health or when you are in an acute phase like I am and need to kill the bad?

    Candida Diet: I have been on the candida diet now for 5 days today is day 5. I am not presently taking any anti-fungals. I am going to take the VSL3 probiotic and want to add in anti-fungals natural ones to help. Using the 2 hour window between each as indicated in this web site]

    What I have to use for anti-fungals: I have oil of oregano gel caps, garlic gel caps and caprylic along with nettle tea to use as my arsenal of anti-fungals and the Rx of Diflucan that I am keeping at bay until I feel I can cope with the die-off symptoms of that strong of a anti-fungal.]

    Thank you!


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    I would consider the antifungal foods. I was not very successful at introducing them. If they work for you, they are an unexpensive and nutritious option.

    I am eating some pumpkin seeds but they don’t seem to be very effective.

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