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    Good morning!

    So I am about to go on the Candida Diet (I’m waiting until the beginning of September once the majourity of “fun summer” is over. I have had a “permanent” candida infection for about 3 years. Over that time I have been struggling with my weight. I’m 5’4 and I used to be able to maintain between 125-132 pounds in weight no matter what I ate without working out. It seems ever since I have had this problem, I have been stuck over 140 (between 140-149 pounds at my highest) no matter what I do. I have tried to stick to eating chicken breast and salad and vegetables..etc and the most I can get down to is 140 pounds night weight. I know that metabolism can change (I’m 26 now) but I honestly feel like I can’t eat like a normal person anymore and I’m still overweight. Have any of you had any issues with weight gain that went away after getting rid of the candida infection? I honestly feel like the infection in my body is slowing down my metabolism and causing me to carry the extra weight. I have read it can do that.

    I hope to god that I can drop the weight when I go on the diet. I have done the diet 1 time about 2 years ago for an entire month. I lost about 10 pounds but that’s because I was eating oatmeal and lettuce every day for 30 days. Like I said, I have tried to eat healthy lately with no success but at the time I did the diet I got rid of the infection for a bit. My natorpath said it was out of my system. I got the infection back because I didn’t follow up with my probiotics properly.

    Please – any uplifting weight loss stories after getting rid of candida would really help push me to be more determined than ever to get rid of this nasty infection.

    Thanks in advance 🙂


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    Greetings, and welcome to the forum.

    Have any of you had any issues with weight gain that went away after getting rid of the candida infection?

    I would say that basically anyone who goes on a good Candida protocol and cures their infestation loses the access weight they’ve been carrying for long periods of time.



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    I’ve had candida overgrowth for as long as I can remember. I remember being about your age when I started gaining a lot of weight. I think in a two month span, I gained something like 20 pounds and I hadn’t done anything to change my eating habits. Doctors had no clue why. I ended up attributing it to age and my metabolism slowing down.

    As far as losing weight, I’ve been following the protocol for 6 weeks, and I’ve lost probably more than 25 pounds. I hadn’t weighed myself in a few years, but I weighed myself a week ago, and it’s at least 25 pounds less than the last time I weighed in.

    It really gives me hope, knowing that not only am I healing myself, but also I’m going to look more like myself in the end.


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    I have had candida for a number of years and two years ago I suddenly put on over 3 1/2 stone and at the time could see no reason for it as my diet had not changed, nor had my exercise routine.

    At the time I had started having the pill injection and put it down to this, so I stopped it and hoped that over a year the weight would drop off as it worked its way out of my system.

    Well, it didn’t and I was utterly miserable. I tried dieting and lots of exercise but couldn’t shift more than a few pounds. I had to endure ‘helpful’ comments from my family about weight which only upset me more. I was frustrated and at my wits end about it.

    Then I started researching and realised that I had candida. My candida registers as stomach problems and a thick coating on my tongue so it was quite obvious.

    Well, I started on the candida diet and the weight started dropping off. I have lost 40 pounds so far! I must admit I have not been as strict with it and due to social committments I have had a few days where I have fallen off the wagon. When I do this I have noticed that my weight will start creeping back on and my tongue is worse. However, I usually go back to the cleanse (not 100% probably more like 80%) and my symptoms are under control within a few days.

    I have now realised that I probably can’t refer to this as a ‘diet’, in some form it will need to be a way of life for me. I have the added issue of being vegetarian with a dairy and egg intolerance so essentially I am vegan. This is difficult but I have become very creative with food and the benefits of how well I feel when I am eating correctly far outweigh any feelings of deprivation.

    I did think that I would miss alcohol the most, but within a few weeks of being on the diet I had no cravings for any sweet stuff or alcohol. I don’t really like alcohol anymore and am very reluctant to drink, choosing to drive most of the time.

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