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    Does anyone have a weekly diet sheet that I could follow. I am very determined to stick to this diet but would find it so much easier if I have a weekly sheet to follow so I know I am eating correctly and getting the right combinations of veg , carbs, proteins etc.. Very grateful for any help. Thanks


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    I would look at other people’s diet on the forum. My diet is listed on my blog post (may be page 2 of the forum) and able’s diet is listed in the “my stories” section. Quite a few other people have listed their diets as well.



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    Hi Littlelacey,

    Just to add to Raster’s post above and since I already have the links, here they are:

    Raster’s diet:
    Post #27

    Able900’s diet:
    Post #10

    These are diets of 2 prominent forum members who have overcome candida.

    Remember, if a food is new, you may have a reaction to it. So you may have to test it before you include it in your diet.



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    Thank you so much. Just spent an hour looking for them.

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