Was it Die off the second day of cleanse diet ?

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    Hello to everyone. I did a stool test which indicated that i have candida overgrowth. I have chronic lyme disease and the stool test i did it after a 9 months-antibiotic course. So i cant diderentiate the symptoms of lyme and candida. Anyway, I started 7 ago the cleanse diet and the second day i drunk one cup of water with coconut oil , ginger,garlic and parsley. After 1 hour i had more brain fog than i had and my mental-emotional state suddenly changed to more apathy, than i had cause lyme. The next day i had muscle back and knee pain. I still have all the symptoms. My question is, if these sudden symptoms can be occured cause of candida die off just the second day of cleanse diet and just after drinking a natural antifungal such as coconut oil, garlic and ginger.
    Today after the 7 days of cleanse i started the regular candida diet and knowing that i can eat turkey, i eat 2 slices of lunch turkey meat and buckweat. After i read that i cant eat lunch meat unfortunately, so how back my diet went after that foolish action? Did i add buckwheat too early ? And if yes, are there certain rood that you introduce after cleanse diet and then gradually you add quinoa, buckwheat, coconut flour and other carb and protein protein?

    Thank you all in advance


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    After 9 months of antibiotics, your gut flora is probably a mess… You need to take it really slow with introducing any antifungals or probiotics, even if they are natural and food-based. Those symptoms could definitely be die-off.

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