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    Hi! I started my diet cca 1,5 months ago. I started slowly: first detox and avoiding carbs and fruits for a week. Then I started with anticandida diet, however I had a couple of days when I took some foods I shouldn’t (a piece of cake twice, spaghetti once). Then month ago I introduced probiotics and beta-glucan, with lots of lemonade and green vegetables. At the moment (in the last two weeks) I take coconut oil (2-3 tablespoons almost every day), grapefruit extract (twice a day), probiotic, beta-glucan and garlic in pills (a couple of times a week). It seems like I have more energy and my sinus problems are not as heavy as before. However, what bothers me is that last week I had 3 times a really bad nausea, I had to vomit each time. How is that possible? Is it due to my diet? I didn’t have such problems before. I’ve already had a die-off (I think so) two weeks ago, with flu-like feeling and temperature of 37.2. Is it possible this is the new die-off or just intolerance to food/supplements?


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    It sounds like maybe you started off by doing too much too soon? Lisa and Dr Eric recommend a staggered approach where you start the diet, then add in probiotics a few weeks later, then add the antifungals a few weeks after that. So it could be that your gut flora is changing too quickly, and your body’s detox pathways are struggling to cope.

    Is there a particular food or supplement that triggers the nausea? You’ve made some big changes in your diet, so it might just be one thing that’s causing it. Starting a food diary might help!


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    You don’t have a detox plan and you are taking too many antifungals. You don’t need to take this many antifungals at once, the antifungals are not going to cure you.


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