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    I am trying to buy supplements- for this issue and something else, and the majority of them have added ingredients like rice flour, rice powder and things that end in ‘ose. These can’t be good. Even Thorne Research and other reputable brands have these. Which are the worst and to be avoided?

    Also, I am currently taking Megaflora now, but will soon be switching to HMF Neuro. My primary issue is vaginal yeast infections. Two of the Lactobacillus that are the most beneficial to colonizing the vagina are L. reuteri and L. Rhamnosus. Megaflora has these but HMF neuro doesn’t. I wanted to supplement HMF neuro with Fem-Dophilus which is specifically for vaginal yeast issues and contains both L Reuteri and L Rhamnosus. Lots of reviewers are saying it works wonders for their recurrent yeast issues. My problem is the added ingredients: Dextrose anhydrate, potato starch, cellulose and magnesium stearate (vegetable source). Particularly the Dextrose and potato starch don’t look so good. Thoughts?

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