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    Hello all. I have been battling my entire life with various health issues and recently I learned about Candida and decided to try out somethings to see if Candida was the problem. My first healing procedure, I used caproil mix with psyllium powder and bentonite every morning for about 6 months with no noticeable improvements. I did notice a significant increase in b.o though (in a very bad way). I then stopped that and proceeded on a completely gluten free diet for about a year and I have been feeling better but not completely healed. I have also recently changed my diet overall (used to eat gluten free variety of pasta, bread etc). I am thinking of going for a 2nd round of anti-fungal treatment but this time more potent and several at the same time.

    Some noticeable things I want to point out:

    1. When I took caproil mix, I did not experience any die-off at all. I’m not sure if this was because I was not taking enough or what.
    2. One symptom I see pop up frequently in people with candida, they have sugar cravings. I do not have any sugar cravings at all. In several of those online self test things for candida I have every single one of the symptoms listed except sugar cravings.

    That being said, is it still possible I’d have candida without the symptom of sugar cravings? Second question, If I did not have a candida overgrowth would it be harmful to take antifungals like oregano, grapefruit seed extract, and coconut oil?


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    The caproyl supplement likely isn’t working anymore because candida adapts to it within 6 weeks, caprylic acid is one of the few antifungals it adapts to quickly.

    The bentonite clay and psyllium are only meant for short term use and don’t do anything to kill candida and reduce candida numbers. They are mostly used to aid in detoxing.

    Not everyone gets the same symptoms, in fact most of time we each have our own individual symptoms.

    It can be harmful to take antifungals overgrowth or not. Some antifungals destroy your beneficial bacteria. Some antifungals destroy parasites. If you want to determine whether you have an overgrowth or not, you should seek testing. You could have something similar to yeast overgrowth such as h.pylori, sibo, parasites, microbes, etc.


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