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    Hey there all!!

    I am reallllyyy keen on having a look at the old constipation remedies post with this URL

    But every time I click the link, it’s broken/tells me the page is “not found” -.-

    Basically, I think from having waaay too much psyllium on the ill-advice of an expensive yet clueless naturopath, in conjunction with eating too many nuts (which I’m guessing I’m sensitive to), cutting out vitamin C (again a weird recommendation from the naturopath), not enough water (I have been working the last few days) and perhaps too much greek yoghurt – I am COMPLETELY backed up, probably have faecal impaction (I can feel it and I am ridiculously bloated). I am so soso reluctant to go to a doctor, and also trying to avoid a self-administered enema unless I have to – what supps can help? Obviously a few years ago, reading through old threads, the “constipation remedies” post was where everyone was directed, but I can’t access it!!

    I also would really appreciate if someone could send through able and raster’s diet plan and protocol, as im having the same “page not found” issue with those too D:

    Finally, what is everyone’s consensus on the best probiotics (strains and brands even) to be using? I saw a while back Able highly recommended saccaryeskjnglk boulardii (sorry I can’t spell the whole thing argh) and another one spoken highly of is Acidophilus DDS-1, and then as high a quantity in the billions as possible in conjunction with other strains to populate with as many as we can… can someone link me to a thread that is more thorough about this? or if that link is broken, can someone relay some wisdom please?!?!

    A final question. I simply don’t have the money to go for food sensitivity/allergy testing and I find that a food diary is still relatively hopeless because those symptoms apparently come even a few days after the food is ingested and can last a few days and they are so similar to die-off, which I’m also currently experiencing, so I just have no way of telling. I’m a pretty determined person so I have no qualms sticking to the strictest candida diet you can find me – but if i was eating a couple of foods on the candida diet which i unknowingly had an allergy/sensitivity to because of leaky gut, is this akin to feeding the candida with sugar or is it just that it taxes your immune system more so you heal slower? Because if its on the candida diet, especially the stricter diet, its obviously not feeding candida and so the yeast will die off and leaky gut is reduced, but of course your immune system is reacting and thus exhausted so you might get better but take a longer time? does my logic sound about right?

    I have cut out the main sensitivities I have at the moment (lactose intolerance, so I’ve stopped greek yoghurt just to be safe, gluten sensitive/allergic, and from what I can tell, nuts and seeds a little too because they make my mouth itchy) but I swear there is only so much I can cut given my lifestyle (I still have to work so I need foods to hold me for much longer and thus cutting eggs out is a no-go given they have so much protein to keep me going). And look, I AM much better since i started a month and a half ago so i am obviously getting better. so im guessing yeah its more to do with reducing strain on your immune system (and probably reducing constipation etc etc) rather than it actually feeding the yeast? I know that constipation indirectly feeds the yeast but thats why i need access to that old post to get a manage of it!! Was never this backed up before the diet, so i know its definitely die-off.

    thoughts/links to the above-mentioned things please!!!


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    Hey there all!!
    I am reallllyyy keen on having a look at the old constipation remedies post with this URL
    But every time I click the link, it’s broken/tells me the page is “not found” -.-

    Hi Andrea

    I can answer the first part of your question. The forum URLs changed when we moved to the new design. However if you know the old URL then there’s an easy way to find the new one.

    The old URL is, and in this case the new URL is In fact, even if you enter only the first part of this (i.e., the forum software will fill in the rest. So if you take a reasonable guess at the first part of the link, it will often work 🙂

    I am also going to add a permanent redirect so that the old URL sends visitors directly to the new one. And I’ve added it to the Popular Forum Posts sticky too.


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