totally lost, trying to get rid of candida.

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    hello everybody, im new to this forum. my name is josh and i recently have found out i have candida overgrowth. my diet is good, even before i discovered the candida problem. i dont eat any refined food/milk products/ even grains.. im actually trying go to go paleo. anyways id liek to get rid of this candida once and for all, ive looked as some of the very helpful post by able900 (thank you) but i still have some more questions. also could somebody send me a link to the candida protocol/diet or whatever its called(i think able900 posted it.
    anyways this is what i want to do. i also think i may have leaky gut(not diagnosed)

    1.stay with diet eating no starches/sugars/alcohol(anything that feed candida)
    2.start with molybdenum
    2.start with probiotic (would be using mercolas)
    3. see how it goes( how long should i be on probotic before starting antifungals?)
    4.start antifungals rotated( which ones are best?)
    5. take digestive bitter(alcohol free)should i start this right way? when?
    6. take 30-40 grams of 50/50 insoluble/soluble fiber daily.. again when should i start this?

    this is all i can think of for now, does this sound good or am i missing anything? anything else i could do for a possible leaky gut(just in case?)

    id also like to take this greens supplement i bought, its made by barleans, i bought it because it seems to have really good ingredients(not thinking of candida)but then i read online that digestive enzymes can feed candida, the supplement contains a blend of protease,amylase,bomelain,cellulase,lactase,papain,lipaise. can i take this supplement? its not like im eating a chocolate bar…. are these enzymes really going make a difference or not? if you guys suggest not taking it well could i take it after i fix my candida problem. it was really expensive and i bough 2 months worth, and would not like to waste it.


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    Hello, Josh.
    The link to the protocol is below. If you follow the instructions you won’t have to wonder what to do and when to do it.
    Forum Protocol

    I’ll send you link to the strict diet website in a private message; so check your inbox on the forum for the information.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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