Today is day one, and I have no idea what I'm doing

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    It all started in summer of 2010 — I was away on vacation in Tennessee to visit my brother, and after a night of eating tons of carbs and drinking alcohol, I went into a panic attack. I thought it was from withdrawal from marijuana (which I was used to smoking at the time), but this attack was crazy. Anytime I would eat anything, it would send me into a crazy attack. My adrenals must have been super exhausted by the time I got home.

    I was prescribed Xanax and that was that. I tried switching my diet to a “healthy” diet, but nothing really seemed to work. Eventually, I found that fasting and removing alcohol completely made me feel tons better. I thought I had been cured. This lasted for nearly a year.

    The very next summer, the same panic happened — after drinking alcohol and eating very poorly for a long time (you thought I would have learned my lesson). I changed my diet again, eating celery and peanut butter, and eggs. Things started to get better. A beer would send me into a full-blown episode.

    Fast forward to a month ago. I had been drinking nightly for nearly 3 weeks due to a breakup, and was again eating sugary junk. Boom, major hypoglycemic episode. On top of this, my stomach was churning and it felt like I was having major IBS. I had done some research and found out about hypoglycemia and the symptoms, and they absolutely matched mine to the T. I went to doc the last week, and she did a glucose tolerance test. Sure enough, my blood sugar dropped to 48 after two hours. Reactive hypoglycemia.

    Over the last week, I have entertained the idea that I have candida, but was uncertain, so I decided to make a food journal. Even on the ketogenic diet, I’ve had issues with some of the items I’ve been eating. I ate some raw cashews last night and felt like hell, even though they were recommended. I ate a slice of cheese today (just as a test) and again could feel my stomach cramping and churning. It’s only when I’m eating low-glycemic vegetables, fresh eggs, and pasture-raised meats that I feel fine after meals. I’ve steadily started incorporating coconut oil (two tablespoons a day) and probiotics over the last week. Good news is, my poops have returned to their normal color, and my gut is feeling much better overall!

    After noticing that a general ketogenic diet does not help, I have decided to take on the candida diet. So far, it’s working. My hypoglycemic episodes are gone as of today, and my adrenals feel like they can finally start healing. I plan to follow this forum until I’ve conquered the candida, and my adrenal fatigue — I shall be victorious.


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    For most of my life there was so much enjoyment in a few beers after a days work. Those days are done after a few beers for a couple days do I ever pay! I have been sharing symptoms with doctors for years & they never mentioned candida. When I started to look into candida it was like throwing a jigsaw puzzle up in the air & having it land fully assembled. I have finally put the pieces together! So many symptoms all together. Candida it is.

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