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    Hi, Anna.
    Sorry, this isn’t exactly an “announcement” but I figured you’d see it quicker here.

    There seems to be a little glitch in the site’s program; we can’t make a search for the messages posted by a particular member if the member’s user name contains three letters or less, yet the members can and do choose a user name with only two or three letters. The message we receive says that the text must be at least four letters long in order to do a search, but some words as well as user names contain less. Is there another way we can do this type of search? There have been several members with only three letters or less in their user names; the one I just did a search for is using the member name of 100. I remember Joy posting on the forum a while back as well as one who used simply CT, and I’m sure there have been others.

    Thanks for all the hard work – and the site looks great, and this is me not complaining but rather saying I like the change in some of the information on the site. Good going.



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    Hi Able

    Thanks for your kind words about our site, and the new content that we’ve added!

    I have fixed the search function now. I changed the 4 character limit down to 1 character, so now there shouldn’t be any limit at all on the size of your search.

    All the best


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    Topics: 92
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    Thank you so much, Anna, not only for the change, but for the usual quick response.

    Thanks again, Able

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