Thousands of people hit by these hip implants?

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    A great grandmother of my friend had her hip replacement lately, after her operation she felt pain until I visit her on their house lying on her bed and aching for the pain she had undergone, she said that was the worst decision she’d ever made when she decided to undergo operation with artificial hip implant which she thought it can cure on her illness. Some people trying to ignore this kind of delimma on their life but her family supports her during her numerous visits to their family doctor and all her needs. Eventually, they was advice to seek for legal counseling and file for stryker hip lawsuit. Me and my friend gather some information regarding stryker hip replacement devices and we finally found out that her great grandmother is not the only person who is suffering from too much pain but thousands of people who are affected on this. Besides, they had file stryker lawsuit to claim for the compensation for all their losses. Now, they still fighting for their legal rights.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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