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    Hello everyone,

    I have been suffering from ‘something’ for the past year, something that no doctor or test has yet been able to diagnose.

    It all started with a sudden onset of ‘flu like’ symptoms, primarily sore throat, intestinal gas & constipation and white spots & patches in mouth & cheeks (candida).

    I never did anything to expose myself to any sort of dangerous virus, so to get this in the middle of summer last year was extremely suspicious. I immediately noticed all my symptoms relate 1:1 to an HIV acute infection. But from where ? Never had I been exposed to te virus. I even went as far as suspecting my gf of cheating on me. I tested negative to HIV 5 times in the following 8 months. I was told to stop testing, as my gf is anyway also negative & feeling fine.

    But the symptoms and primarily the oral candida & stomach problems never went away, one year after this madness started.

    I have crazy amounts of gas / burping, my stomach hurts A LOT after every stool, all my stools are very inconsistent in fact. It’s never a relief to go to the bathroom anymore.

    Moreover, the white spots & patches in my cheeks and on my tongue keep reappearing all the time. They start like little pimples and then degenerate into this white circle or patch that leaves a red surface behind when my body clears it. My gums have receded a lot.

    What I’m sure of is that this is oral candida. But is it because of a candida overgrowth ? Is it from an immune system collapse ? What can I do and what should I do next to get to the bottom of this, as it is affecting the quality of my life tremendeously ?

    Hope to hear some suggestions and many thanks in advance.


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    hello from Culemborg! Yup, sounds like candida.

    You may want to start by going on the diet outlined on this site. Zero sugar, which no beer during soccer season. Sorry.

    I will leave all of the advice to the very experienced experts. But I will give you a few shopping tips.

    You will read a lot about anti-fungals. You can buy good quality coconut oil at AH. BTW, you can also great coconut milk at Tokko markets (Aroy-D)-the diet calls for elimination of dairy and coconut milk is a great replacement. Raster is very fond of SF722,a powerful anti fungal, and it is available online (75 Euros for 250 gel caps). You can also find good quality Oil of Oregano (my favorite anti-fungal). When you can, go with Solgar brand as their supplements are free of fillers. You can buy Pau D’arco tea (or capsules) online, or at Erica-an organic market in Utrecht. their staff is very helpful!

    There are quite a few product recommendations here that are either impossible to find in NL, or very expensive. Try Amazon Germany or France-I’ve had a lot of luck there.

    You may hear a lot about 3-Lac. You can buy it online (also 75 Euro). Many people, myself included, have had bad experiences with it. Tread carefully.

    The most basic approach would involve naturally occurring probiotics. Bio zuurkool is full of them! Also, you can go onto Marktplaats and order kefir grains so that you can make your own kefir. Yes, you can buy kefir, but what you buy in the store isn’t nearly as potent as what you make at home.

    If you find a doctor who is familiar with Candida, please pass on the contact info.

    So, you will have to cut out the chocolate sprinkle sandwiches, shoarma and all that good stuff. But it sounds as if you are catching this relatively early. You are lucky that way. Don’t hesitate to contact me for shopping advice.

    Good luck!


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    Your immune system likely was compromised in the past via antibiotics and/or vaccines and the pathogenic yeast took over. One thing is you likely have co-infections including other bad bacteria that have overgrown. Sore throats are a strept throat and mono symptom so don’t rule these out. There are a lot of things similar in symptoms to yeast overgrowth including sibo (small bacteria overgrowth), h. pylori, strept, etc. so be sure to get proper testing before embarking on this journey. Candida isn’t something you can get over quickly from my experience, and so plan on a 6-18 month recovery to get over it.

    The gas problems are likely related to deficiences in stomach acid:–written-by-Dr–McCoombs.aspx

    If your are deficient in stomach acid, then bad bugs and bacteria and yeast can take over.



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    Hi all and thanks for the replies. How nice to find someone from the Netherlands.

    I am goign through serious depression and that’s why I didn’t reply.

    I can’t even get my work done properly anymore.
    It’s all colon pain all day long and white patches in my mouth, I am going crazy.

    To some of the above comments: I am not a drinker, do not crave sweets, and have never been sick a day in my life : I have almost never taken pills, never taken antibiotics or anything like that.

    This whole madness started abruptly with those terrible flu-like sypmtoms and then candida and stomach troubles that don’t go away.

    I am totally confused, so are all doctors.

    I just don’t understand from where I could get something like this, the first thing I am looking for is a source. Then a clear diagnostic…are there any clear cut tests to confirm the diagnostic ?

    PS: have done over 100 (!) tests for any pathogen you can imagine (heliocbater, salmonella, and any other thing under the sun)…all negative.

    I am truly lost.


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    I’m sorry that you are feeling so blue-especially when the weather is so lovely.

    Regarding the doctors: if you can find a huisarts in NL who will run the following tests, let me know. But the thing is, these tests might not confirm anything and may lead to more waiting and more confusion if the results don’t match your symptoms. And good luck getting a referral to a specialist given the new guidelines…

    The absolute best thing you can do is within your control: change your diet. Cut out all sugars. Recipes are given, as are guidelines for supplements and eliminations, on this forum and on the main site. Today, go to a natural vitamin store and buy maridstel and molybdenum to prepare your liver for detox. Start taking them now. Also, begin to wean yourself from coffee, sugar and dairy. Totally sucks but cold turkey is worse. Then, this weekend, take three days to yourself-keep your agenda clear-and try a detox. If you feel horrible, YAY, you are expelling toxins. The diet guidelines also suggest detox water: water, lemon and cayenne. Bleck! You can also find detox capsules-they seem to do the trick, but the water is cheaper.

    An important side-note: you can’t be constipated while on a detox-you will make yourself sick(er).

    Over the weekend, purchase the book offered through the site, read it, and make a plan. You can also find many recipes on Pinterest. This forum offers a ton of support and people willing to answer questions as they arise. Scan through it and find what applies to your circumstance: You aren’t alone. And look for a mesolog (alternative medicine dr) near you…you might strike gold and find an expert, or at least someone who can recognize and confirm your symptoms. Traditional medicine doesn’t usually recognize Candida…

    In the end, it really doesn’t matter how this happened, only that you have to face it and be strong. Knowing how it happened won’t cure you, and the stress related to anxiety is only making things worse.

    And this is tough (the toughest part for me quite honestly) but cheer-up and find comfort in the fact that this is something you can control. Holland offers some the best-and freshest -produce in the world. The summertime is the best time of year to begin the diet because there are so many fresh veggies and the Dutch diet is much lighter; no stompot.

    Good luck! And, again, so sorry this falls in soccer season.


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    Hi Heather,

    Well depression affects me mostly because I am uncertain of the diagnostic. Yes, I can see white spots in my mouth and I feel terrible with my colon, but then that’s it ? Well I can always try out the diet and see if it works.
    Btw, have you experienced similar symptoms or maybe these exact ones ? I’ve read a long list of symptoms this can cause, but for me it’s really just the mouth inflammations and colon troubles.

    My huisarts has been really great. Now he won’t send me to a specialist to save his life, but I understand him. He sent me to the KNO, jaw surgeon, of course to gastroenterology (endoscopy didn’t show anything of course), infectious diseases (I have been at a HIV specialist in Slotervaart / Ams). He ordered a billion tests, including multiple HIV test when I was coming up with different reasons why I’d be infected (including an assumption that a nurse at the hospital might have used a contaminated needle). Overall, he’s done a lot and they spent a lot of money on my tests. Nothing was ever found, not a single trace of a single pathogen.Some of the docs I’ve seen multiple times. I am really a well known presence in a couple of hospitals here. Nothing ever found.

    Funny thing, 2 weeks ago I had a cold. It took about 3 days to recover, but in these days, as my immune system became engaged, all the candida in my mouth was gone. In fact, it was gone for almost 10 days. Now it’s back. It’s as if my immune system just passively watches all this, that is so frustrating.

    In the past I have tried coconut oil, vitamin D supplements, probiotics of course, some other light meds (esomeprazol for example).

    Sometimes I feel a lot better with my colon, but for very short periods of time. I have never a full week or so when I feel fine. This has been going on for A YEAR, which fuels the frustration so much.

    A friend of a friend went to these guys at I know it says accupuncture, but he swears they proposed a diet for him with all sorts of detox elements and he felt great. Apparently he had some sort of leaky gut, and doctors were at a loss as they couldn’t find anything that works. After he visited these guys he said he struck gold, and after their diet, he feels fine now.

    I will give them a call and report back to you as well.

    Thank you for all the support.


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    hi Jotun-

    My symptoms are crazy and wide-ranging. They began over ten years ago. Sometimes they would subside and then I would have a flare-up. Moving here was pretty stressful and that stress made me sicker than I have ever been in my life: weeks of constipation, insomnia, depression, panic attacks, unexplained weight gain…the list goes on. I was on the verge of starting a small baking business, serving the expat community, and all of that tasting & testing sent me spiraling. (BTW, I was really strict about calorie intake and exercised regularly. My caloric intake did not add up to significant weight gain.) Then I prayed on it. I know that isn’t big in these parts, but the next day I remembered a suspicion I’d had a few years earlier of Candida and it all fell into place. I began the diet soon after and felt a lot of relief from many symptoms.

    I envy you for your huisarts. Mine is nice enough, but I feel as if he is just playing along…in his defense, I’m pretty American in my approach: I have no hesitation in self-diagnosis and asking him to confirm or prove me wrong. I’ve explained candida to him, shared articles and demonstrated progress; I still don’t think he’s a believer. I think the fact that I look just fine while telling them my long list of symptoms seems to discredit me. I mean, who can’t have a BM for three weeks??? I’d suggest you ask you huisarts to run the tests. If he can find a measurable, that would be great in helping you measure your progress. Then share his contact info with me 🙂

    With all of the things you tried, did you also change your diet?

    When this all began, I would have similar flare-ups. The doctor said I had IBS…I had the worst cramps. It was as if something would just wash over me and I felt all kinds of yuck. I couldn’t find a pattern, and it wasn’t with every meal. I would go for weeks and feel just fine. Then I began gaining about two pounds a month for no reason. I was super thin, so Drs just thought I had an eating disorder and dismissed me, not realizing that as a former bulimic I know the calorie count to almost every food and am expert at keeping myself within normal range. When all is said and done, looking back I would say that stress made everything worse. Going to doctors with my lists and feeling the scorn of their rejection was totally not fun. Having tests done that only rendered normal results, while I could feel something brewing, was dismal.

    You are right-totally call your friend’s clinic. But the regimen given here is full of all kinds of natural detoxing elements-garlic, oil or oregano, coconut oil, onions. The diet is limited and eliminates almost all allergens-unless you are allergic to vegetables, meat and every form of coconut you can imagine. And leaky gut is not uncommon with Candida-you can have both. I have seen all sorts of plans on line and this is the strictest and, I think the best. Initially, it doesn’t call for a lot of supplements. As you follow this forum, you will find ALL kinds of suggestions for supplements. But don’t bite off more than you can chew-detox first and see what happens.

    And I don’t know what level of insurance you have, but I know the highest level covers homeopathic massage-rather it covers half of the cost of an approved provider. I found this kind of treatment to be very helpful.

    I have noticed that the Dutch like to have confirmation from doctors…but that isn’t always possible. The easiest way to confirm this is to go on the diet for a month and see how you feel. Trust yourself…

    And have you tried oil pulling? If you use coconut oil, it might help your thrush. Either way, it gives you really white teeth.


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    Hey Jotun-

    So, did you do it? If so, how are you doing??


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    Hi Heather,

    Much to my shame, I didn’t do anything. I am so depressed about this and in a state of total confusion.

    I feel like starting any sort of regimen or treatment without some specialist support is not good, but I had another thrush outbreak this weekend and it’s not pretty. My cheeks look like someone punched me in the face repeatedly (on the inside I mean).

    I have arranged for a dermatologist and infectious disease dr visit, and I actually found a doctor in my own country that not only acknowledges candida, but he said is treating many ppl for it.

    Thing is, he said I should have this insane crave for sugars if I had candida. But I don’t crave sugar at all.

    It does seem that after eating cakes (I had one at the Dutch game on Friday) I get thrush almost overnight. Still, I crave nothing and eat a very balanced diet. Very rarely I have smth sweet.

    So do I have it, or not ? Do I have another underlying cause and we are not finding it ?
    Totally confused.

    I suppose one way to go is to actually start a diet & antifungals like oil of oregano. But everytime I want to buy some, I’m thinking if this is really what is bugging me or I should be treating smth else.

    I hate medicine !


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    Okay, you don’t have to go crazy about buying antifungals and starting a regimen. You said that you wanted some sort of confirmation; that you aren’t sure if you even have candida. So, I suggested that you begin the diet and see what happens…if you want to keep it simple, omit sugar, buy some good quality coconut oil ( take some with every meal. I would suggest 1 tsp with every meal…but others might say more. Basically, eat non-starchy vegetables and organic beef & chicken. Almonds are okay, peanuts are not. No green beans. No bread…no cola or juice. No fruit.
    No coffee or caffeine. And no snack bar food. It totally sucks at first, but you get used to it. See how it goes for a couple of days…and there is the detox drink. Check out the recipes on Lisa’s sight for the exact recipe. I take detox supplements to detox. But, when all is said and done, if you feel like absolute rott, you have some sort of confirmation.

    If you wanted to ease your discomfort, you could buy some supplements. But if you want confirmation, this is the way to go.

    Of course you aren’t craving sugar-you haven’t stopped consuming it, silly.

    And be careful about the “experts.” I live in a medium sized village, centrally located, and I just met with an “expert.” She’s written a book with recipes that include brown rice, wheat and fruit (pineapple of all things!). She’s cured her candida with this diet…but everyone is different. She did not recommend the use of probiotics and said that the whole gluten-free thing is a trend that has no bearing on Candida sufferers. Whatever. For some people, not necessarily you, she couldn’t be more wrong. Anyway, whether you know it or not, the Dutch tend to be a couple years behind America in almost everything. I’m not criticizing Holland-that is just the way it is. I’ve read a lot about Candida, seen many plans and spoken with a few local “experts” and the advice you get on this site-once you begin the program-is the best you will find. No one is selling you anything. There are no billable hours. People just want to support others as they struggle. And everyone takes personal responsibility for their health…

    I would love to know who Candida expert is? I am at a disadvantage with Google because my Dutch is so poor. I have only found the guy, with the baby face, who will test your blood and does some sort of radiation treatment and the seemingly eccentric (but very nice) man who will test your hair.

    Then has been some Candida research being done by doctors in NL and I plan to track these docs down:
    There are several mesoloogs around…one in my village claims to be an “expert” but his protocol didn’t make as much sense; Vitamin C and omega 3s won’t cure Candida alone. So, be careful about what advice you follow.

    I hate to break this to you, but many Dutch doctors aren’t very good. I’ve been in NL for three years and literally EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW has some sort of medical horror story that was a result of a doctor’s incompetence. In all honesty, your initial doctor should have recognized the Thrush (candida) on your tongue and given you Nystatine. If you end up going that route, you will serve yourself best by still cutting out the sugar.

    At the end of the day, if you have Candida you will have to stop the sugar. May as well save yourself a lot of time, and drama, and just give it a go. It doesn’t have to be this complicated. You can do it!!!

    Good luck!

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