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    the government is killing us off slowly this is there plan get people to believe Probiotics cure your stomach issues you take them you get aids. killing us off for profits

    “HIV infection is often marked by a state of chronic inflammatory response triggered by the leakage of Gram-negative bacteria from the intestines into the bloodstream.”

    This leakage is described in almost all parasite diagnoses, especially Candida infections – which also is from where the P24 antigenic protein signature derives that the AIDS people point at in their “GOTCHA!” moment to say “You got HIV / AIDS!!”

    “Current drug regimens have allowed people with HIV infection to live longer; these drugs, however, can cost thousands of dollars per month and there is still no cure. Unfortunately, government programs to provide life-sustaining drugs to those who cannot afford them have been crippled by the weak economy, and tens of thousands of people are currently without access. The AHF is able to help some patients, but the size of the economic shortfall dwarfs citizens’ current need.
    “The AHF trial is believed to be the first-of-its-kind in the United States; while small clinical trials conducted in Africa have shown that probiotic yogurts can dramatically increase CD4 cell count in people (test subjects) with HIV infection.

    “Researchers at the AHF hypothesize that probiotic consumption may reduce leakage of Gram-negative bacteria from the intestine, thereby reducing the resulting inflammatory response and destruction of CD4 cells.”

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