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    Hi, I was listening to a radio interview with Dr. Jeff McCombs DC., who’s been researching Candida for 20 years apparently, and he said something very interesting.

    An over abundance of candida fungus manipulates a healthy “Th1” immune response, which is effective against bacteria, viruses, and parasites, into becoming a “Th2” immune response, which is conducive to imbalance.

    He said you should not introduce probiotics until the 7th week of your treatment plan – his theory is that probiotics support whatever immune response is dominant, and with a candida fungal problem the Th2 response becomes dominant and probiotics will continue to support that imbalance. Also, he states that probiotics need to create space – candida fungus inhibits the implementation or regrowth of lactobacillus species (most common in probiotics) in a Th2 imbalance.

    The radio interview is found here:

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I certainly haven’t seen this theory anywhere else, but he does have the credentials that lead me to believe he could be right. Personally I’m only a week and a half into my treatment plan, but I’ve been taking tons of probiotics everyday.

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