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    I’m on my second day of the cleanse and I’m really struggling on what to eat. I know what foods I can eat, but does anyone have any recipes or meal plans just for the cleanse? Would be really helpful


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    I’m a fan of mashed cauliflower, like mashed potatoes. Steam half a head of cauliflower (or as much as you want, really), then blend with olive oil, sea salt, and cracked pepper. Don’t try to just fork-mash…the texture usually comes out gross. A blender or food processor is pretty necessary for this.

    Since you’re probably eating quite a few salads, varying the spices in your dressing can at least help maintain interest. I used a base of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, cracked pepper, and lemon or lime juice, then rotated between cayenne, dill, cumin/paprika, smoked paprika, Italian seasoning blend, and fresh herbs (usually dill or oregano). I found that after a few days of the cleanse, my palate started refining, so I noticed more interesting subtleties. Some people with leaky gut report having a hard time with cayenne and even paprika, so use caution until you know how you’ll respond.

    There might be recipes for the cleanse on the recipe board, as well.


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    Bieler broth! The recipe is on the forum. 🙂

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