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    I had my bachelor party last night and drank alcohol for the first time in 14 months (I’ve been on the diet for a year, so I deserve to cheat on the diet for my wedding). Today, I was hurting slightly…my girlfriend talked me in attending bonneville hot springs (in washington) for some recuperation…my goal was to sweat out the toxins and not feel like I partied hard the night before.

    And boy, was I ever suprised about how great it can make the body feel! I feel amazing today and its not a coincidence. There are great healing qualities in mineral springs and jacuzzi’s, I want to share some of the information from the pamphlet from bonneville hot springs.

    “Geothermal mineral water is a very ancient, if not the most ancient, tool of natural medicine. Many of our oldest recordings of human history illustrate that mineral waters were extensively used by some of the most ancient civilizations for medicinal purposes. History documents that while explanations and theories relative to the source of the waters effectiveness changed in accordance with the general development of the natural sciences, the overall belief that the waters provided positive health benefits remains unchanged. Even today well documented explanation about how such waters exert their effect has not been agreed upon.

    Benefits of mineral baths:
    -Activates self-healing potential naturally.
    -It opens the body and relaxes the nerves and muscles.
    -It generates an artificial fever allowing your body to react by boosting your immune system leading to enhanced immunity; physical and mental relaxation; endorphin production; and normalized gland function.
    -Hydrostatic pressure on the body increased accelerating blood circulation which helps dissolve and eliminate toxins from the body.
    -Cell oxygenation accelerates which improves the flow of oxygen rich blood to nourish your vital organs and tissues.
    -Your metabolism is increased stimulating secretions of the intestinal tract and the liver, aiding in digestion.
    -Repeated bathing can help normalize endocrine gland function and autonomic nervous system.
    -Trace amounts of minerals are absorbed by the body and can provide healing effects to various organs and the body system. Mineral waters, especially those containing sulphur can be therapeutic to skin conditions and diseases.
    -Can relieve muscle and joint pain, osteoporosis, rheumatisms, and the treatment of skind conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and hives.

    The importance of minerals:
    -Strengthen bone and skeletal tissues
    -Minerals, and trace elements work as important catalysts for healthy chemical reactions, metabolic functions of cells, maintain PH balance and stimulate osmosis. Through osmotic pressure, beneficial minerals impact cellular metabolism. This action promotoes detoxificiation, the breakdown of lipids, or fats, and stimulates a helathy chemical exchange.
    -Minerals impact the beneficial function and role of vitamin. Example: calcium ensures better absorption of vitamin c.”



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    In what sense were you hurting? As in hungover, or suffering from candida symptoms due to the alcohol?


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    Just one question raster, does your girlfriend know you’ve got a fiancee? Because that could get awkward… 🙂

    Good luck and have an amazing day! After a year on the diet you deserve to cheat an obscene amount at your own wedding. xx


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    Hot springs (onsen) in Japan are known for their health benefits. I had a nice time at one in the countryside and definitely felt rejuvenated afterwards. I think you’d live longer if you could do it regularly! Apparently adding Epsom salts to your bath can be just as good as a magnesium supplement, so a weekend at an onsen could potentially cure mineral deficiencies, I guess. Glad to hear you had fun and survived anyway!


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    I was hurting because I drank gin and tonics and vodka tonics all night; I had no candida reaction to the drinks whatsoever, but I didn’t feel “normal” the next day when I woke up. I wasn’t very hungover though; you are hungover when your liver isn’t working as well as it could be from my experience. The more hungover you are the more you liver isn’t working. Of course, if you drank a 1/5(fifth of a gallon) of alcohol, I don’t think the liver could handle that very well whatsoever.

    The mineral springs made me feel “normal” or better than normal and it was the best thing you could ever do to cure a hangover. I think it has so many healing properties that it could potentially make anyone with bad candida symptoms feel normal for a day or two.

    I feel like I’ve been baptized from the water, it was like a religious experience where it completely transformed my “vibe.”



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    I got it, Hal, and I appreciated it and even laughed – which is always a good thing. Good one.

    (It’s a ‘sticky’ situation)

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