Candida resists everything I throw at it .. am I dying?

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    What are all your symptoms? You listed a couple or is there more? Dry skin, digestion problems, white tongue, constipation, food intolerance?????
    You are on the right track but you need to remember its not a race but a marathon. People that have severe candida issues don’t recovery in a couple weeks, it can take many months. The first time I dealt with this nightmare was after taking antibiotics like you. I didnt know what was wrong with me and doctors didnt either. I went on a super strict paleo diet and it took me a little over a year to get better. Granted, i didnt take any supplements or anything.
    Don’t focus on probiotics too much, they don’t do much. They live happily with candida, and they can’t overtake an already established candida overgrowth.
    You can’t stray from the diet either. Grains and gluten free crap are a huge no no for me. It takes me several days to recover after eating that stuff.
    If you are in bad shape and are at your wits end you might consider doing what i did. Nystatin orally morning and night, fluconazole daily, nystatin enema every other day, sf722, NAC, another biofilm buster, digestive enzymes, ALA, adrenal support. That regime got me feeling good along with a very strict diet.
    I personally think our immune system has a lot to do with all this. Research TH1 and TH2 (T helper cells). I recently started taking 5 different supplements to help boost the TH1 side of the immune system.
    Hang in there. People have cured this, its just a matter of patience and persistence. You seem very knowledgeable already, just keep attacking.

    My symptoms are pretty much only related to leaky gut, they’re internal and hard to describe. Mainly they cause fatigue and depressive issues.
    I am intolerant to gluten and lactose because of this, but so I’ve been for years.
    I’m afraid my Candida has developed a relative resistance to Nystatin because of my recent events. I wouldn’t want that to happen with fluconazole too.
    SF722 I could give a go though.
    What are the immuno-assisting supplements you’re taking?

    You are in the same boat as me. Lots of leaky gut type stuff and food problems that trigger fatigue and brain issues. SF722 gave me die off symptoms taking it standalone. That is one supplement I will vouch for and I think it would be worth adding to your anti fungal rotation.


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    Hi Daniel,

    Im sorry for what you have been going through. My 26 year old nephew has almost identical symptoms and now, he mainly follows the Jordan Rubin protocol, but I had him on an anti- candida diet and antifungals, probiotics, bone broth, etc… He has been working on his recovery for 14 months now.. He has improved, but he is not 100%. He has a lot of set backs like you do. We have researched the FMT’s but do not know where he cab get one. Can you let me know how/ where you were treated? I feel as if this would really help him. We wre willing to try anything. I feel you will beat this and I’m hopeful my nephew will too. Thanks.

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