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    Taken from my reply to a different topic on the forum, but I think it is a valuable lesson that I’ve learned during my journey –

    You can give people the “cliff notes” version of your journey. I tell people this version, and if they want to know more, I tell them a little bit more. Keep it simple so you don’t come across as “foggy”, especially since brain fog and confusion are symptoms.

    I usually say, “I’ve contracted this yeast allergy…it’s pretty rare, and not too many doctors know about it. The good news is there’s a cure, it’s just a long term restrictive diet and probiotics to fix my immune system…now, how have you been?”

    You’ve got to sell yourself and turn the focus on others. This method has saved me unneeded skepticism and long rumbling conversations that only opened up the wounds of my pain.

    By coming off as strong and determined to others, you will feel this way at the end of the night, and wake up with a smile on your face the next day. Small steps, small progress.

    Another piece of advice, it’s not your job to make people believe in this condition. I paid for this dearly as I pushed people away that didn’t support me, when all you need is your own belief and CONVICTION.

    People will be skeptical, and this is the world we live in. Just accept it, be a better person, and one day this will all be behind you.

    I can tell you as someone who is feeling better on month 4 of the protocol, you don’t need people’s belief to get better. They’ll see the new you soon enough, and you’ll be wiser for the entire experience.

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