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    Hi all,

    I’m working with a professor in microbiology at the moment and we are interested in finding out what initiates these symptoms you are having.

    So please tell me:
    – When did you get the first symptoms?
    – What did you do in your life up till the infection/CRC? (life stressors, work, socialeconomic background, your view on the world and yourself)
    – What aggravated your symptoms greatly?
    – Did you get worse on the diet and treatment, even after month on it?

    This is completely anonymous, and might help us all understand what is going on, Thank you very much!


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    Alex Ela
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    Hi Klips32. I am from the U.K and have had a continual yeast over-growth in my mouth for the past 16 months. Symptoms are dry mouth, green coating on tongue, cotton wool sensation, burning sensation, taste buds on tip of tongue are aggravated and red.

    It started with what is commonly known as jock itch. I would wake up itching in the middle of the night. I was under a lot of stress at the time. My estranged mother had just died from pneumonia and my father had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I also started suffering from nausea and stomach pains that would wake me up in the middle of the night. I went to the doctor to get checked out. My blood tests came back all clear. I even went for an ultra sound in case I had gall stones but I was given a clean bill of health. I also had an all clear for stds. The stomach pains and nausea eventually ceased

    I treated the jock itch with tea tree oil. It seemed effective. I was seeing someone at the time. The itch returned after sex ( this included oral sex). She had never suggested that she suffered from yeast infections and I have never asked her. Somewhat confused, and after looking on line I realised I had ringworm. A small circular patch between my legs. I treated it again with tea tree oil. One day I noticed it had gone but now a large rash had now appeared on my stomach. This lasted for some weeks. I thought it might be a reaction to the metal in my belt. Changing it made no difference. It actually went on its own. A year after my mother had died and my fathers diagnosis, I had a friend staying with me from Cambodia around the time my dad was going into the hospice. He actually was suffering from oral thrush himself (after a serious stomach bug had led to him taking a lot of antibiotics) and trying a anti-candida diet. One day while speaking with him my mouth suddenly erupted. I could feel something grow over my tongue in the space of about a second. Sure enough there was a thick white coating. It persisted for months, drying my mouth and causing endless discomfort. It slowly started getting better but it is still there today and now I getting burning on my mouth. For the record there was no interaction between my friend and I while he was staying with me.

    Another point: My friend says he gave it to his mum and another friend from sharing an e cigarette, but that he got rid of it with apple cider vinegar. His mother still suffers from it although she has it in her throat it seems. I have no white patches, whereas my friend has white on the back of the tongue. I am not sure he gave it to me. It would have had to come via sharing cutlery, but he tried to keep his separate? It could all be a co-incidence.

    I tried the medical route, with Fluconazole with no effect. The doctor said he couldn’t see any thrush. Similarly the dentist said he could see no signs of infection. All very unusual. I am currently day 5 into the candida diet. I would be grateful for your thoughts on this.


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    Hi everybody ,
    In March I found out I have candida from stool sample . Yestarday I found out I have got Staphylococcus warneri in my blood . I am really depressed about these everything . My immunology system is so weak . Because of anti candida diet I have lost 5 kg in one month 🙁 I don’t know what should I do and if I can survive this .
    Kind regards


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    If your immune system is so weak, you should eat healthily. Any diet that causes a massive loss of weight, like 5 kg in a single month, is not a healthy diet. You are weakening your body even more than it already is.

    By the way, candida in your stool is normal and expected. Candida is commensal, which means that it is supposed to live on and inside us. Everyone has candida on the skin, in the mouth, in the colon, on/in the private parts, in the sinuses, and so on. That’s nothing to be worried about.




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    Hi Klips32, I practically joined this forum just hours ago and saw your post and thought I’d share my experience.

    My problem with candida only came to light couple of months ago but looking back on some of my previous experiences, I’m now almost certain it’s been thriving in me for years. I’ve had chronic depression, dermatitis/exczema and terrible dental health (even though I’m so careful with hygiene and check-ups) for years, which I never thought to contribute to the candida as I didn’t even know what candida was.

    5 years ago, I’d met my now ex-partner and having unprotected sex with him well into our relationship caused vaginal thrush which I’d never had in my life. Attributing it to the fact that he’s had too many partners before me and my body just reacted, I just took the usual OTC thrush medication prescribed by my doctor. It would get better for a while and then relapse again also affecting him physically and emotionally. Unfortunately the problem was the demise of our relationship as it practically ruined our sex life and we broke up.

    That’s when my depression got worse and I had to get on anti-depressants. Other than my dental issues including bad breath no matter what I tried, eczema and of course the depression, there has never been a sign of vaginal thrush ever again.

    Thinking I’d gotten rid of it for good, I didn’t think about it again…until 2 months ago where I had another sexual encounter where the condom slipped off and hence what was intended to be protected sex was not so protected afterall! Though we caught onto it before it was too late, there was that skin to skin contact again and the very next day…thrush again.

    So that’s when alarm bells went off and I decided to look further into what was happening and consulted with a naturopath which pretty much opened the flood gates. I’ve now been on the candida diet for almost 4 weeks and unfortunately not seeing substantial improvements.

    I haven’t had a drop of sugar including all fruits and any veggies containing fructose since I started the diet. Though I’ve had couple of slip ups with bread and potato, I’ve managed to turn it around before slipping back to old habits. I’m on a lot of homeopathy supplements and of course probiotics but I’ve had really bad bloating/constipation which is making things worse. We reduced the probiotics to half of what I was initially taking and my naturopath also put me on magnesium based fibre powder. It’s helped with the constipation but my tummy is still bloated and rock hard – and not a ‘six-pack’ kinda hard either.

    I had a terrible flare up just couple of days ago where my eczema was unbearable, thrush went crazy and the whitish coating on my tongue returned. It’s a bit better now but everything is still there nevertheless.

    I don’t feel very hopeful right now, as I was really hoping to see more improvement by this stage. I’m trying to hang in there but I feel downright miserable 🙁 Hope my experience helps your studies somewhat.

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