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    I recently attended a seminar extolling the health benefits of Tai Chi. The person giving the seminar was a Chinese Master who has been practicing Tai Chi for 50 years and who conducted his PhD in how Tai Chi benefits health.

    There are a few things that stood out at me which he alleges makes it beneficial:

    1. It encourages the free-flow of Qi around the body, thus supporting all the vital organs and allowing for energy revitalisation
    2. It pumps the Lymph system allowing the body to expel toxins more effectively
    3. It activates subconscious muscle groups that trigger an alpha brainwave state, thus allowing the body to enter a healing mode and balance the endocrine system (this is a major factor in why it is an excellent healing tool, so he says)
    4. It gets oxygen to under-nourished bits of the body

    From what it sounds like, it appears to be a form of self administered acupuncture that you can perform daily. I find acupuncture to be immensely helpful but as it is costly and generally only done once or twice a week at most its benefits are limited. However, I am not sure that all Tai Chi is created equal. These guys seemed to be seriously well trained and had a huge array of experience under their belts. The guy who gave the seminar travels the world initiating ‘healing events’ (something I’m not so sure about). He was in my home town lending his name to the master there (a british guy with 20 years experience) as the only ‘genuine article’ in this part of the UK.

    I am keen to give it a go as I can no longer really do strenuous exercise and the health benefits seem to be very attractive (if it can reduce my stress and give me energy I will consider it a roaring success). My only issue is that the only membership option is an annual subscription and though it works out fairly cost effective per session its a pretty big outlay.

    Does anyone have experience of Tai Chi (or Qi Gong, for that matter)?

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