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    Hello guys!

    I have been reading about Candida for a while, though I just started my diet (day 9).
    Its been rough, but I am doing well so far!

    I have really bad brain fog for years, as well as fatigue and some other stuff. I have not seen any relief from these symptoms yet, I also have not had any die-reactions either.

    I have been following the guide pretty strictly. Ive eated mostly veggies, organic meats, organic eggs, and some brazil nuts.

    I have been taking chlorella 2x day, Milk Thistle 2x day, Apple cider vinegar, and black walnut 2x day. I do light workouts, and Epsom salt baths 1-2 times a week. Ive been oil pulling for over a year at least a few times a week with coconut oil.

    I joined the online FaceBook group, and see that many people see relief in as little as a few days. Also most have gotten sick in their first week.

    Is there something I am doing wrong? Maybe I should eat more spices, I use a little but not a ton. Maybe I should concentrate more on anti-fungal foods. I am 24, but I know I have candida, I came from a high sugary diet! Plus I have all the symptoms.

    Any input would be appreciated, as to your time frame of symptom relief etc..

    P.S I know everybody is different, but I still would like some feedback please. Thanks!


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    Day 9 is still pretty early to expect major results.. It sounds like you’re on the right track, but it can take a while. Keep eating healthy, stick with your healthy lifestyle, start taking probiotics soon, and give it some time 🙂

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