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    Over a year ago I got a uti, went to the doctors and was perscribed antibiotics. After i continued to have utis, not that often but a questionable amount, id go to the doctors and get presribed antibiotics each time. Over time i my utis were happening so much it was to the point where id get a uti every single time i had sex, no matter what precautions i took it didnt end. I was diagnosed with chronic utis, have seen a urogist who introduced me to dmannose powder which helps greatly in preventing utis, along with that i cant have sex a night or evening or else i domt have enough time to go to the bathroom a ton and empty my bladder, never use to have to do that, i use to be able to go pee once or twice and was all set, didnt get a uti thr next morning. Along with this issue i noticed these past few months I have been extemely constipated and bloated, nothing realived it i tried many laxatives and stool softners and they didnt solve my issue, i changed my diet and tried many different probiotics, none of that helped. I managed to not get a uti for 2 months and stayed off antibiotics and still have digestive problems. I went to the doctors many many times, told them my story of prolonged antibiotics and my symtoms. they were no help and still told me the same thing, to use a laxative and change my diet even though i said many times I already did, they say thats strange, cant figure out why. Ive been to the doctors to say “i think i have candida overgrowth” and they have no idea what that is. I cant remember the last time ive been to the doctors and didnt ball my eyes out. I believe i have brain fog and i cant concentrate and have terrible memory that i feel has been getting worse over time,oral thrush, tiredness, itchy rashes, sneezing and stuffy nose, yeast infections along with bacterial vaginosis, and bad sweet cravings. Im pretty definate i have candida overgrowth, i started the candida cleanse 3 days ago, with intensions to continue with the diet after the cleanse. My routine is, 2 eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch, home made soup for dinner, celery and pepper strips for snacks. All following the diet restrictions. Tuesday i started taking milk thirtle and molybdenum. Im mid way through my 4th day and while i was at work i had to sit down at least 20 times because my heart was racing and i felt i was going to pass out, i feel so weak. all i was doing was stocking shelfs.
    I have been having blurry vision also. I had a terrible migrane the second day. Today i started having upper thigh/ lower hip pain, and left side of my lower pain is in pain, not sure why. Im worried im hypoglycemic, because almost passing out. Since i started the diet i just today msde a bowel movement and right before i had a very very intense sharp pain in my stomach and i literally bent over in pain, i started the diet monday and today is thursday and i just made a bowel movement. I dont know how to beat the candida overgrowth, and eat some kind sugar so i dont pass out. Im so hopeless i have no idea what to do, i did so much research but every article contradics eachother. ive been crying at work all day.i cant afford to try these programs that cost money and end up with no solution. I had my first panic attack in over a year today because im so upset. Ive been so fustrated and confused and i dont know what to do to fix this.I need help and i cant find it.

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