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    I am seeing a nutritionist, mainly to ensure that the foods I am eating are containing enough of the correct vitamins and minerals. I had a stool test of which the results came through a few days ago. The results showed that there is no yeast overgrowth but only a negligible level of lactobacillus beneficial bacteria.

    At this stage the nutritionist is not diagnosing candida overgrowth (mine was always a self diagnosis) but this got me wondering whether this is a false negative or not, perhaps considering that I have been on a candida diet for some time then is it possible that my gut/intestines are begining to show signs of healing hence the negative stool test but candida is still in my bloodstream and other parts of my body? because I certainly had a binge sugar intake for quite a while so if it is candida I would consider it to have been a systemic overgrowth.

    Or could it be that I don’t have a candida overgrowth and it is the low lactobacillus level that is causing my problems?

    One thing is for certain I will not be ditching the diet.

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