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    Well, I’m 26 and just started the candida diet. Im already pretty sick of it. My natruopath says im at a level of 25-27, but didnt want to give me a number beyond that.

    Its been one week, and the day I went to visit her wasn’t too bad. She jump -started my diet by giving me tons of the medicated-rubber. I was home within the hour and had a 3 hour nap shortly after. The next day I was completely dead and could barely move. So, I cheated and had a few bites of chocolate cheese cake.

    Sine then, I can’t say I have been perfect. I have some lemonade I make with stevia, a few bites of potato salad here and there (150g over 4 days), and my true nemesis mayonnaise made with olive oil.

    Other than that, I havent had any pop (I used to drink 4 or more a day), chocolate or candy, or processed food. (Ok, I do have some spaghetti sauce that has no sugar) No yeasted breads, but im in love with sourdough. And apples, I guess even 1 a day is too much.

    I havent really felt like I have had any die off since that 2nd day, so im feeling a little depressed in that manner.

    I havent lost much weight either. Maybe a pound. Mind you, im still quite thin, im still 12 pounds more than what I was 3 months ago.

    So hello everyone. This diet sucks. and I want it to be over.


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    Hi Tay,

    I feel your pain! I’ve been battling with Candida for over a year now, but I’ve not helped myself at times, as I’ve relaxed the diet and been on sugar binges. My symptoms then come back, I get depressed and eventually start over.
    I’m pretty determined to beat it at the moment though, I’ve been commited and strict for about 7 weeks and feeling ok.

    In my opinion planning a menu is the key to success, and working out some homemade recipes, or finding shop bought alternatives to your snacks. I now barely crave any sugar at all and make my own crackers to snack on.

    Good luck 🙂

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