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    Hey Guys,

    I have been on the stage one diet for 6 days now and haven’t been able to cleanse my body using bentonite due to the only stuff I could get having Sodium Benzoate in it and am waiting on some from ebay. I thought I was through the worst of the die off.

    I started taking Nilstat today and have had quite bad gut cramps all day.

    Anyone else get this type of thing, should I back off the antifungals a little bit?

    I haven’t been eating (or taking) any things that should inflame my stomach so am trying to understand this.

    Any advice is appreciated greatly.


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    I’m going through my second die off in a few months right now. Flu like symptoms, fatigue, stomach pain, just keep taking the fungals and push through it. Sunday I sparred mma for 12 rounds and felt great, first time sparring in awhile. Sat I started new treatment and fungals and now i got die off which is good. Push through a few more days and you will feel good

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