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    I’ve had candida for over thirty-five years. I wasn’t expecting to beat it overnight, but the levels of fatigue I’ve experienced over the last ten days are about the deepest I’ve known. I’ve also been afflicted with headaches and a pounding heart, which are issues I have only when I try to cure myself.

    I’m eating low-starch vegetables; small amounts of flax, hemp, and chia seeds; about 1.5 ounce portions of organic chicken and fish; and I drink only water.

    Daily supplements: 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil three times a day, one Culturelle probiotic, 2 Triphala pills twice daily, 500 mg of vitamin C three times daily, 1 astragalus and 1 Siberian ginseng pill three times daily, one 1,000 IU D3 a day, and 2 CANDIDA COMPLEX (made by Health Harmony) pills a day.

    My older sister is coming to visit tomorrow and she get angry and judgemental when I’m physically unable to run around town with her. Also, there’s a great deal on a guitar I’d like at a nearby store. The deal ends in three days, and I don’t think I have the stamina to stand through the whole transaction, particularly since it will entail my trading-in another guitar which they must thoroughly inspect.

    So you see, these die-off reactions — if that’s what they are — are further complicating a life already ruined by bad health. Do you have any suggestions?


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    Do you have experience with fasting? I mean cold-turkey fasting. It’s such an extreme measure but offers the quickest results, it’s like a shortcut. Do you like to suffer for months or just suffer while the 10-day fast lasts? While you do your fasting, sleep a lot, netflix, sex, videogames, whatever keeps your head from thinking about food. And yes, you will be grumpy of course!


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    Last legs,

    I think you should be taking higher dose of probiotics while you also beating/Candida diet, because I think you said 1 culture of probiotic? That’s nothing when you wanna to get back your healthy gut bacteria.
    I myself battling with yeast overgrown and taking 150 billion CFU per day. I found Newlife flora probiotic which is High quality brands.

    Good luck


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    User 551 and Said, thanks for your replies. Today I’ve taken less coconut oil than in the other ten previous days. My fatigue and pounding heart were not as bad. I think I’d been increasing the dosage too fast for my body and its mush of a stomach.

    Hopefully I’ll have the energy to handle my sister’s three-day visit. She’s a bi-polar alcoholic and exhausting for even a healthy person to be around. Funny thing is, she’s been one of the more understanding people in my ever-shrinking circle of family and friends who believes I’ve been chronically ill in a PHYSICAL and not PSYCHOLOGICAL way.

    That guitar I want is really important. I don’t have any dreams of stardom or anything, but sitting up in bed and playing guitar when you’re too unwell, too alone, and too poor to do anything else really improves one’s quality of life. (Sorry for the tangent). Everybody should get Gretsch Jim Dandy parlor-style acoustic guitar. It’s small, it sounds great, and it costs about $169.00.

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