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    The stevias that I have tried in baking leave a bitter aftertaste, to where it ruins any “treat” for me. Does anyone else find most stevia bitter, and have you found any brand to not be bitter?

    Thank you!


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    Maybe you could switch to sorbitol, but I don’t know if that survives the high temperatures of baking.

    Another option would be to switch to aspartame. That’s not sugar either, and some sense an aftertaste with aspartame as well, but it’s much less than the aftertaste of stevia. And the maximum safe dose is ten times higher than that of stevia.



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    Tried Xylitol? That works for me. I hate stevia! Also in Australia we have a brand called Natvia, which is a combo of stevia and erythitol (something like that!), which tastes pretty good.

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